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Greek Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free Greek trivia questions with answers about Greece and Greek things.


Greek Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers
A: Apollo.

In Greek mythology, what did Icarus do wrong?
A: He flew too close to the sun.

What is the southernmost country on the Balkan Peninsula?
A: Greece.

In 530 B.C., what Greek mathematician noticed that the morning star and the evening star were the same star?
A: Pythagoras.

What mystical word, whose Greek letters are equivalent to 365 in numbers, was used as a superstitious charm?
A: Abraxas.

What is Greece also called?
A: The Hellenic Republic.

Greek gods sent heroes to the Islands of the Blessed to enjoy a life after death, and what was the name for those islands?
A: Elysium.

In Greek mythology, which nymphs were the guardian spirits of the sea?
A: Nereid's.


What Mediterranean country does the island of Rhodes belong to?
A: Greece.

The guardian spirits of nature in Geek mythology were called what?
A: Nymphs.

In the Athens 1996 Olympic 100-meter Freestyle for Sailors, what country competed alone?
A: Greece.

What disease is named after the Greek for "without appetite"?
A: Anorexia.

What chemical compound is derived from the Greek word for "primary"?
A: Protein.

Hades is the Greek word for what?
A: Hell.

Small seedless grapes called currants were named for their place of origin. Where was it?
A: Cornith, greece.


The largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece is where?
A: Melbourne, Australia.

The Greek Communist Party provided cash to what former Soviet newspaper to keep it alive during the 90s?
A: Pravda.

According to Greek legend, Alexander the Great cut what?
A: The Gordian Knot.

The Greeks named what ancient African country for the "sunburnt faces" of its natives?
A: Ethiopia.

What fruit did early Greek Olympians sometimes wear as medals?
A: Figs.

Dimitrios Synodinos was also know by what name in the sporting world?
A: Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder.

What is poliosis?
A: When your hair turns gray. It comes from the Greek word for Gray.


In Greek, what does the word climax mean?
A: Ladder. In Greece it is spelled Klimax.

The last letter of the Greek alphabet is what?
A: Omega.

We get the word cosmetics form the Geek word kosmetikos, which means what?
A: Skilled in decorating.

The Astronomical term "Galaxy" comes from the Greek word for what?
A: Milk. In Greek, gala means "milk".

The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. How was it destroyed?
A: An earthquake in 224 B.C.

In Athens, Greece, what temple is atop the Acropolis?
A: The Parthenon.

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