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1968 Trivia Quiz - Questions With Answers About The Year 1968

Trivia questions from the 60s with questions about miscellaneous topics.


1968 Trivia Quiz - Questions With Answers About The Year 1968

Who is chosen as the leader of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia?
A: Alexander Dubček.

The Green Bay Packers defeat what team by the score of 33-14 in Super Bowl II at the Miami Orange Bowl?
A: The Oakland Raiders.

An earthquake in Sicily kills and injures how many people?
A: It kills 380 and injures around 1,000.

A U.S. B-52 Stratofortress crashes in Greenland, discharging 4 what?
A: Nuclear bombs.

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In debuts on what TV network?

North Korea seizes the USS Pueblo, claiming the ship violated what?
A: Its territorial waters while spying.

Where are the 1968 Winter Olympics held?
A: In Grenoble, France.


What leaks from the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground near Skull Valley, Utah?
A: Nerve gas.

The United States Congress repeals the requirement for a what?
A: Gold reserve to back U.S. currency.

Joan Baez marries what activist?
A: David Harris in New York.

The film 2001: A Space Odyssey premieres in what location?
A: Washington, D.C.

What happens to Martin Luther King, Jr. ?
A: He is shot dead at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

President Johnson signs what?
A: The Civil Rights Act of 1968.

The musical Hair officially opens on  what?
A: Broadway.


What happened to Braniff Flight 352?
A: It crashes near Dawson, Texas, killing all 85 persons on board.

What happens to the U.S. nuclear-powered submarine Scorpion?
A: It sinks with 99 men aboard, 400 miles southwest of the Azores.

Helen Keller dies at what age?
A: At 87 years old.

What happens to U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy?
A: He is shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan, and dies the next day.

Who is arrested for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.?
A: James Earl Ray.

The film Rosemary's Baby premieres in what country?
A: The U.S.

The soap opera One Life to Live premieres on what television network?
A:  ABC.


What semiconductor company is founded?
A: Intel.

The first International Special Olympics Summer Games are held at Soldier Field in Chicago, Ill, with about how many athletes attending?
A: 1,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Pope Paul VI publishes the encyclical entitled Humanae vitae, condemning what?
A: Birth control.

Arenal Volcano erupts in what country for the first time in centuries?
A: Costa Rica.

The Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida nominates who for U.S. President and Spiro Agnew for Vice President?
A: Richard Nixon.

France explodes its first what?
A: Hydrogen bomb.

John Gordon Mein, US Ambassador to Guatemala, is assassinated where?
A: On the streets of Guatemala City, making him the First US Ambassador assassinated in the line of duty.

Detroit Tiger Denny McLain becomes the first baseball pitcher to win what?
A: 30 games in a season since 1934. He remains the last to accomplish the feat.

What TV cop show debuts on CBS, and eventually becomes the longest-running crime show in television history, until Law & Order overtakes it in 2003?
A: Hawaii 5-O.

What TV show debuts on CBS and is still on the air as of 2014?
A: 60 Minutes.

At Paine Field, near Everett, Washington in the United States, Boeing officially rolls out its new what?
A:  747 for the media and the public.

Detroit Tigers win the 1968 World Series, defeating what team?
A:  St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3.

The Games of the XIX Olympiad are held where?
A: In Mexico City, Mexico.

Equatorial Guinea receives its independence from what country?
A: Spain.


Led Zeppelin makes their first live performance where?
A: At Surrey University in England.

Former U.S. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy marries whom?
A: Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis on the Greek island of Skorpios.

Yale University announces it is going to do what?
A: Admit women.

The Farmington Mine disaster in Farmington, West Virginia, kills how many men?
A: Seventy-eight.

The Beatles release their self-titled album popularly known as the what?
A: White Album.

The 12th episode of Star Trek 3rd season is aired, featuring the first-ever what on U.S. national television?
A: Interracial kiss. It was between Lieutenant Uhura and Captain James T. Kirk.

David Eisenhower, grandson of former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, marries whom?
A: Julie Nixon, the daughter of U.S. President-elect Richard Nixon.

Led Zeppelin makes their American debut in what city?
A: Denver, CO.