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Baseball Trivia Questions With Answers For Seniors


Baseball trivia quiz questions with answers good for seniors.

Baseball Trivia Questions With Answers For Seniors

What pitcher has the most World Series victories?
A: Whitey Ford with 10.

Who had the biggest drop in batting average from one season to the next?
A: Norm Cash of the Tigers batted .361 in 1961 and .243 the next year.

What were the only two brothers to win the Cy Young Award
A:Jim Perry with the Twins,in 1970 and Gaylord Perry with the Indians in 1972.

Who is the only pitcher with over 3,000 strikeouts and fewer than 1,000 walks? 
A: Ferguson Jenkins

Which pitcher has the most wins without ever appearing in a World Series?
A: Phil Niekro with 318 wins.

Who is the only pitcher to win the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP?
A: Don Newcombe of the Dodgers

Who had the most hits in the 1990's? 
A: Mark Grace of the Cubs

Who is the only pitcher to win the MVP two years in a row?
A: Hal Newhouser of the Tigers in 1944-45

Who is the only pitcher to win six Cy Young Awards?
A: Roger Clemens

What pitcher has won the ERA title the most times?
A: Lefty Grove with 9

Who has allowed the most walks in their career?
A: Nolan Ryan with 2,795.

Who has the most career home runs without ever being in a World Series? 
A: Ernie Banks, with 512 Home runs.

What father-and-son combo has the most career home runs? 
A: Bobby and Barry Bonds, with 332 for Bobby and 650 and counting for Barry.


Who was the first National Leaguer to hit 50 home runs in two consecutive seasons?
A: Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa both did it in 1998-1999

What was Babe Ruth's lifetime batting average?
A: .342

Who is the only person to win the batting title in his first two full major league seasons?
A: Tony Oliva of the Twins in 1964 and 1965

Who is the only pitcher to save three consecutive All Star games?
A: Dennis Eckersley, 1989-91

Who hit into the most double plays in their career?
A: Hank Aaron, with 328.



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