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1965 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

1965 trivia quiz with answers about things from the 60s.


1965 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

President Johnson proclaims his "Great Society" during his what ?
A: State of the Union address.

Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in for his own full term as what?
A: U.S. President.

The state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill takes place with the largest assembly of statesmen in the world until what?
A: The 2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II.

A new red and white maple leaf design is inaugurated as the what?
A: Flag of Canada, replacing the Union Flag and the Canadian Red Ensign.

Joan Rivers makes her what?
A: Tonight Show debut.

Gambia becomes independent from the what?
A: The United Kingdom.

Ranger 8 crashes into the Moon, after a successful mission of doing what?
A: Photographing possible landing sites for the Apollo program astronauts.

Who is assassinated in New York City?

A: African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist Malcolm X.

Where does  The Sound of Music premiere?
A: At the Rivoli Theater in New York City.

Some 200 Alabama State Troopers clash with 525 what?
A: Civil rights demonstrators in Selma, Alabama.

In Montgomery, Alabama, how many civil rights marchers demonstrate at the Courthouse?
A: 1,600.

Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, becomes the first person to what?
A: Walk in space.

Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 civil rights activists in the third march from Selma, Alabama to where?
A: The capitol in Montgomery.

NASA launches the United States' first  what?
A: 2-person crew (Gus Grissom, John Young) into Earth orbit.


Martin Luther King, Jr. and 25,000 civil rights activists successfully end the  what?
A: The 4-day march from Selma, Alabama, to the capitol in Montgomery.

At the 37th Academy Awards, My Fair Lady wins how many Academy Awards?
A: 8.

What sports facility opens in Houston?
A: The Astrodome.

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang appear on the cover of what magazine?
A: Time.

April 17 – The first Students for a Democratic Society march against the Vietnam War draws how many protestors to Washington, D.C.?
A: 25,000.

Teenage sniper Michael Clark kills 3 and wounds others shooting at cars from a hilltop located where?
A: Along Highway 101 just south of Orcutt, California.

Pianist Vladimir Horowitz returns to the stage after how long?
A: After a 12-year absence.


The first skateboarding what is held?
A: Championship.

Muhammad Ali knocks out Sonny Liston in the first round of their championship rematch with the "what", at the Central Maine Civic Center in Lewiston?
A: The "Phantom Punch".

The first contingent of Australian combat troops arrives where?
A: In South Vietnam.

Astronaut Edward Higgins White makes the first U.S. what?
A: Space walk.

Sonny & Cher release what song which would go on to #1 in the US, UK & Canada and establish them as international icons?
A: I Got You Babe.

U.S. spacecraft Mariner 4 flies by Mars, becoming the first what?
A: The first spacecraft to return images from the Red Planet.

The Maldives receive full independence from whom?
A: Great Britain.


What Beatles movie premieres?
A: Help!.

President Johnson signs what into law?
A: the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

What rock group debuts at the Matrix in San Francisco and begins to appear there regularly?
A: The rock group Jefferson Airplane.

The Beatles perform the first stadium concert in the history of rock, playing before 55,600 persons at what venue?
A: Shea Stadium in New York City.

Who announces his retirement after 55 years in baseball?
A: Casey Stengel.

Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers pitches a what?
A: A perfect game in a baseball match against the Chicago Cubs.

The Tom and Jerry cartoon series makes its what?
A: World broadcast premiere on CBS.


Pope Paul VI visits what country?
A: The United States.

He appears for a Mass in Yankee Stadium and makes a speech where?
A: At the United Nations.

Pope Paul VI announces that the ecumenical council has decided that Jews are not what?
A: Collectively responsible for the killing of Christ.

What soap opera debuts on NBC?
A: Days of Our Lives.

Craig Breedlove sets a new land speed record of what?
A:  600.601 mph (966.574 km/h).

A Charlie Brown Christmas, the first Peanuts television special, debuts on CBS, quickly becoming what?
A: An annual tradition.

Gemini 6 and Gemini 7 perform the first what?
A: Controlled rendezvous in Earth orbit.

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