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Joan Rivers Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Joan Rivers Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers.


Joan Rivers Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

What was Joan Rivers birth name?
A: Joan Alexandra Molinsky.

On what date was Joan Rivers born?
A: June 8, 1933.

What was the date of the first appearance she made on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?
A:  February 17, 1965.

Where was Joan raised?
A: Prospect Heights and Crown Heights in Brooklyn.

What were Joan Rivers' parents names?
A:  Beatrice and Meyer C. Molinsky.

Joan was a member of what sorority?
A: Phi Beta Kappa.

Rivers hosted an episode of what on April 9, 1983?
A: Saturday Night Live


Where was Joan Rivers born?
A: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

What year was it that Joan Rivers published a best-selling humor book, The Life and Hard Times of Heidi Abramowitz?
A: 1984.

On what date did Joan Rivers die?
A: September 4, 2014.

How old was Joan Rivers when she died?
A: 81 years.

In 1965 Joan came to prominence as a guest on what TV show?
A:  The Tonight Show.

 In the late 50s, Joan appeared in a play, Driftwood, playing a lesbian with a crush on a character played by who?
A:  Barbra Streisand.

In February of 1983, Joan performed at what famous venue?
A: Carnegie Hall.


In 1986, with her show, The Late Show with Joan Rivers, she became the first woman to do what?
A: Host a late night network television talk show.

Joan also hosted The Joan Rivers Show, and won a Daytime Emmy for what?
A: Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Joan's best-selling comedy album What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most was nominated for a what?
A: Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

Joan Rivers was the author of how many best-selling memoir and humor books?
A: 12.

Joan had a small role in what movie that starred Burt Lancaster?
A: The Swimmer (1968).

In 1984 Joan was nominated for a Grammy Award for what album?
A:  What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most?.

In 1994 she was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance in what play?
A:  Sally Marr...and her escorts.


In 1973, Rivers wrote what TV movie?
A:  The Girl Most Likely to...

Joan Rivers was the daughter of what kind of immigrants?
A: Russian Jewish Immigrants.

When did Joan's elder sister, Barbara Waxler, die?
A: June 3, 2013.

What school did Joan attend between 1950 and 1952?
A: Connecticut College.

Where did Joan graduate from with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and anthropology?
A: Barnard College.

Where did Joan performed in numerous comedy clubs?
A: In the Greenwich Village area of New York City.

By 1965, Joan was a gag writer and participant on what popular TV show?
A: Candid Camera.


Joan wrote material for what puppet?
A:  Topo Gigio.

Joan appeared on various television comedy and variety shows, including a semi-regular stint on what popular TV show?
A: Hollywood Squares.

 From 1972 to 1976, Joan narrated what animated segment for The Electric Company?
A: The Adventures of Letterman.

In 1978, Joan wrote and directed the film Rabbit Test, starring who?
A: Billy Crystal.

Joan's best-selling comedy album What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most reached  what on the U.S. Billboard 200?
A: No. 22

In the 80s, Joan did stand-up shows along with what?
A: Various TV show appearances.

Joan was a friend of what presidential couple?
A: Nancy and President Ronald Reagan.

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