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Name Trivia Questions

Famous Name Trivia quiz questions and answers.


Famous Names Questions

In martial arts, what does the word Judo mean?
A:  Gentle way.

What was Queen Victoria's first name?
A:  Alexandria.

Hilary comes from Latin meaning what?
A:  Cheerfulness.

Taal is an alternative term for what language?
A:  Afrikaans.

A fylfot is a heraldic name for what symbol?
A: Swastika.

What is Courtney Love's birth name?
A: Courtney Michelle Harrison.

What is Ronald Reagan's middle name?
A:  Wilson.


Lemniscate is the correct term for what symbol?
A: Infinity.

The Carmelite monks are more commonly called what?
A:  Whitefriers.

What does Rebecca mean?
A:  Noose.

What ship brought Dracula to England?
A:  Demeter.

Goyanthlay,  a famous Indian Warrior, was better known as who?
A:  Geronimo.

Whose first private plane was called El Dago?
A:  Frank Sinatra.

What is another name for serigraphy?
A: Silk screen printing.


Robert Allen Zimmerman is a famous musician with what stage name?
A: Bob Dylan.

What does the girls name Chloe mean?
A:  Green shoot.

Harold comes from the German meaning what?
A:  Army rule.

What is the most common street name in the United States?
A:   Park Street.

What country's name has 10 letters but only one vowel?
A: Kyrgystan.

Locomotive 4472 is better known as what?
A: The Flying Scotsman.

La Giaconda is better known as who or what?
A:  Mona Lisa    

The mandylion is another term for which contentious object?
A:  The Turin Shroud.