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1983 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

1983 Trivia quiz about stuff that happened in the 80s.


1983 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

The migration of the ARPANET to " what" is officially completed?
A: TCP/IP (this is considered to be the beginning of the true Internet).

Kīlauea on the Big Island of Hawaii begins what?
A:  Slowly erupting and is still flowing as of 2014.

Where is High-ranking war criminal Klaus Barbie arrested?
A: In Bolivia.

Twenty-five members of the Red Brigades are sentenced to life imprisonment for what?
A: The 1978 murder of Aldo Moro.

Lotus 1-2-3 is released for what?
A: IBM PC compatible computers.

Where do seatbelts become mandatory for drivers and front seat passengers?
A: In United Kingdom.

Klaus Barbie is officially charged with what?
A: War crimes.


13 people are killed in a what in Seattle, Washington?
A: An attempted robbery.

Who is elected Prime Minister of Australia?
A: Bob Hawke.

Michael Jackson performs "Billie Jean" and introduces the what?
A: Moonwalk.

First flight of the which Space Shuttle?
A: The Challenger.

Return of the Jedi does what?
A: Opens in theatres.

Who wins the Indianapolis 500?
A: Tom Sneva.

The Philadelphia 76ers defeat what team for the NBA championship?
A: LA Lakers.


Britain's Conservative government, led by Margaret Thatcher, is re-elected by a what?
A: A landslide majority.

Pioneer 10 passes the orbit of Neptune, becoming the first man-made object to do what?
A: Leave the vicinity of the major planets of the Solar System.

Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space aboard what?
A: Space Shuttle Challenger on the STS-7 mission.

The government of Poland announces the end of what?
A: Martial law and amnesty for political prisoners.

Hurricane Alicia hits the Texas coast, killing 22 and causing over US$3.8 billion (2005 dollars) in damage.

August 21 – Benigno Aquino, Jr., Philippines opposition leader, is assassinated in Manila just as he what?
A: Returns from exile.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 is shot down by Soviet Union when the commercial aircraft does what?
A: Enters Soviet airspace. All 269 on board are killed including U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald.

The Soviet Union admits to shooting down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, stating what?
A: That the pilots did not know it was a civilian aircraft when it violated Soviet airspace.


What does President Reagan announce?
A: That the Global Positioning System (GPS) will be made available for civilian use.

Who becomes the first African American to be crowned Miss America?
A: Vanessa L. Williams.

Wheel of Fortune begins its syndicated version, which still does what?
A: It still churns out new episodes to this very day.

What  U.S. rock group launches their first self-titled album?
A: The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Australian yacht Australia II wins the what?
A: The America's Cup.

Japan's former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka is found guilty of what?
A: Taking a $2 million bribe from Lockheed, and sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister of Grenada, and 40 others are what?
A: Assassinated in a military coup.


Simultaneous suicide truck-bombings destroy both the French Army and United States Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, killing how many people?
A: It kills  241 U.S. servicemen, 58 French paratroopers and 6 Lebanese civilians.

President Reagan signs a bill creating a federal holiday to honor who?
A: American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Chrysler introduces the what?
A:  Dodge Caravan, the first "minivan".

Ronald Reagan becomes the first U.S. President to address what?
A: The National Diet, Japan's national legislature.

The immunosuppressant cyclosporine is approved by the FDA, leading to a revolution in what field?
A: The field of transplantation.

Two Spanish passenger planes collide on the foggy runway at a Madrid airport, killing how many people?
A:  90.

Military rule ends and democracy is restored in what country?
A: Argentina.

Pope John Paul II visits Rebibbia prison to forgive whom?
A: His would-be assassin Mehmet Ali Ağca.

Who wins the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences?
A: Gérard Debreu.

Kellogg's introduces what new cereal?
A: Crispix

What does McDonald's introduce?
A: The McNugget.

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