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World Leaders Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

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World Leaders Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who was born Karl Herbert Frahm?
A: Willy Brandt.

Errol Flynn's Last film was a documentary tribute to which world leader?
A: Castro.

Who was the first Prime Minister of independent South Africa?
A: Louis Botha.

In what year did Hussein become king of Jordan?
A: 1952.

Which leader did Churchill say was like a "female llama surprised in her bath?"
A: Charles de Gaulle.

Who did Lionel Jospin replace as French Prime Minister?
A: Alain Juppe.

Which part of Lenin was preserved after his death?
A: Brain.


In what year was the world's first woman Prime Minister elected?
A: 1960.

Which British Prime Minister was Rudyard Kipling's cousin?
A: Stanley Baldwin.

What did Mao Tse Tung call the "Great leap forward"?
A: Enforced industrialization.

Who became Russian Prime Minister in September 1998?
A: Yevgeni Primakov.

Who was described by his foreign minister as having, "a nice smile. but he has got iron teeth?"
A: Mikhail Gorbachev.

Who succeeded Brezhnev as President of the USSR?
A: Andropov.

Who became president of Zambia in 1991?
A: Chiluba.


Who was Nigeria's first President and has been described as the father of modern Nigeria?
A: Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Who was chairman of the Organization of African Unity from 1975-76?
A: Idi Amin

Gorbachev introduced the expression perestroika but what does it mean?
A: Reconstruction.

Who received the Nobel Peace prize in 1998?
A: John Hume and David Trimble.

How was Papa Doc also known?
A: Francois Duvalier.

Who was the last leader of Communist East Germany?
A: Egon Krenz.


What name was given to the period of rule of Emperor Hirohito?
A: Showa.

Who said, "We are not at war with Egypt. We are in armed conflict?"
A: Anthony Eden.

Who was the leader of ZAPU?
A: Joshua Nkomo.

Who said, "We have the happiest Africans in the world?"
A: Ian Smith.

Which newspaper originally coined the term Iron Lady about Margaret Thatcher?
A: Red Star.

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