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Free science trivia quiz questions with the answers.

What delta-winged supersonic transport is the fastest passenger plane?
A: The Concorde.

What comet was first sighted by the Chinese in 240 B.C.?
A: Halley's Comet.

What does "SPF" mean on sunscreen containers?
A: Sun Protection factor.

What M-word is defined  as "a device that changes sound into electric current"?
A: Microphone.

What brand became the first sugar-free sugar substitute, in 1957?
A: Sweet'n Low.

What colorless gas is essential in the production of fertilizers and light bulbs?
A: Nitrogen.


What weapon did German gunsmith August Kotter unload on the world in 1520?
A: The rifle.

What explosive jelly is combined with gasoline to make incendiary bombs?
A: Napalm.

What did Dr. Heinrich Dreser hype as a non addictive substitute for morphine in 1898?
A: Heroin.

What tool did astronomer Rodger Thompson say is "fundamentally altering our view of the universe"?
A: The Hubble telescope.

What did the Nimbus-7 satellite monitor changes in the depth of?
A: The ozone layer.

What body part is low-density lipoprotein most likely to clog?
A: Arteries.


What's wire rope most often called?
A: Cable.

What was the short word for "Infantile Paralysis" on 1950s March of Dimes posters?
A: Polio.

What book did Christians often place on their foreheads to cure insomnia in medieval times?
A: The Bible.

What are you shopping for it you're sized up  by a Brannock Device?
A: Shoes.

What's the most common automotive essential that is measured in terms of its viscosity?
A:  Oil.

What did 18th-century chemist Antoine Lavoisier prove was a compound of hydrogen and oxygen?
A: Water.


What objects are studied in what enthusiasts call "ufology"?
A: Unidentified flying objects.

Who's known in the shrink biz as "Weird Beard"?
A: Sigmund Freud.

What's the unit of capacity for fuel wood?
A: A cord.

How many of every ten coffee beans in USDA approved coffee can be moldy, insect-infested or insect-damaged?
A: One.

What's the English title of Freud's book Traumdeutung?
A: The Interpretation of Dreams.

What celestial objects were once referred to as "hairy stars"?
A: Comets.


What piece of  lumber's actual size is one-and-a-half by three-and-a-half inches when "surfaced"?
A: A two-by-four.

What's the most common contributor to chronic bronchitis?
A Smoking.

What constellation points to the south celestial pole?
A: The Southern Cross.

What's the study of materials at very low temperatures?
A: Cryogenics.

What unit of length is derived from the Latin word uncia?
A: The inch.

What country launched Europe's first super-high-speed passenger train, in 1981?
A: France.


What's believed by many to be a satellite of Neptune that escaped its primary orbit?
A: Pluto.

What planet is circled by only two moons?
A: Mars.

What artillery weapon was launched upon the world in 400 B.C.?
A: The catapult.

What procedure is performed on an abscess if the dentist thinks the tooth can be saved?
A: Root canal.

What Greek advised: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food"?
A: Hippocrates.

What does an anthropophagic census-taker fear?
A: People.

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