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Connecticut Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free long trivia quiz with answers about the state of Connecticut.


Connecticut Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Connecticut is named after the Connecticut River and the name is derived from anglicized spellings of an Algonquian word for what?
A: Long tidal river.

What is Connecticut's hottest temperature which occurred in Danbury on July 15, 1995?
A: 106 °F.

What is the highest peak in Connecticut?
A: Bear Mountain in Salisbury.

In addition to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, what are the four other executive officers that are elected directly by voters?
A: Secretary of the State, Treasurer, Comptroller and Attorney General.

What does Connecticut not have direct access to?
A: The sea.

Where does Connecticut rank compared to the rest of the states in area?
A: The third smallest state by area.

New Haven has the highest percentage of commuters of any major metropolitan center on the East Coast who do what?
A: Bicycle to work.


Who was the first European explorer in Connecticut in 1614?
A: Dutch explorer Adriaen Block.

Where is Connecticut ranked in terms of population compared to the rest of the states?
A: It's the 29th most populous,

As far as population density, where does Connecticut rank?
A: It's the fourth most densely populated.

What borders Connecticut on the north?
A: Massachusetts.

How many hours of sunshine does Connecticut average per year?
A: 2,400.

What nationality were Connecticut's first European settlers?
A: Dutch.

Originally, half of Connecticut was a part of what Dutch colony?
A: New Netherland,


Which country established the first major settlements in Connecticut in the 1630s?
A: England.

Who led a band of followers and founded what would become the Connecticut Colony?
A: Thomas Hooker.

According to the 2010 Census, Connecticut has the highest per-capita what in the United States?
A: Income.

What borders Connecticut on the south?
A: Long Island Sound.

What borders Connecticut on the east?
A: Rhode Island.

What borders Connecticut on the west?
A: New York.

In 1974 what woman was elected as the governor of Connecticut.?
A: Ella Grasso.


What is the state capital and third largest city in Connecticut?
A: Hartford.

How many incorporated towns are there in Connecticut?
A: 169.

What river flows into Long Island Sound after cutting through the center of the state?
A: The Connecticut River.

How many tornados does Connecticut average per annum?
A: One.

What was the coldest temperature ever recorded in Connecticut which occurred in Falls Village on February 16, 1943 and Coventry on January 22, 1946?
A: −32 °F.

In what year was Yale College established?
A: In 1701.

Who were the four delegates designated by Connecticut to attend the Second Continental Congress?
A: Huntington, Roger Sherman, William Williams, and Oliver Wolcott.


On what date did Connecticut ratify the U.S. Constitution and thus became the fifth state?
A: On January 9, 1788.

Connecticut supplied the Union forces with weapons and supplies and furnished 55,000 men during what war?
A: The Civil War.

starting in 1839 Connecticut began building railroads and by 1840 how many miles of track were operating?
A: 102 miles.

In 1875, the world's first what was established in New Haven?
A: Telephone exchange.

The most destructive storm in history, to ever strike New England which killed hundreds of people, hit eastern Connecticut, on what date?
A: On September 21, 1938.

How many of Connecticut's citizens were killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack?
A: 65.

In 2004, which republican Governor resigned during a corruption investigation, and later plead guilty to federal charges?
A: John G. Rowland.


Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people in the village of Newtown, Connecticut at what school on December 14, 2012?
A: Sandy Hook Elementary School .

According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Connecticut on July 1, 2013, was how many people?
A: 3,596,080.

Hartford is seat to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford, which is sovereign over the Diocese of Bridgeport and the Diocese of what?
A: Norwich.

What was the Connecticut total gross state product for 2012?
A: $229.3 billion.

The personal per capita income in 2013 for Connecticut was estimated at how much money per year?
A: $60,847.

Running between New Haven and New York City, what highway is one of the most congested highways in the United States?
A: I-95.

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