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Massachusetts Trivia Questions

Trivia questions with answers about the state of Massachusetts


Free Massachusetts Trivia Questions With Answers

Which US state borders Massachusetts to the west?
A: New York.

How many miles of interstates and other highways are there in the state of Massachusetts?
A: 31,300 miles.

What is the Massachusetts state marine mammal?
A: Right whale

Where does Massachusetts rank in size among the states?
A: It's the 7th smallest.

The state of Massachusetts was the first to form a Black regiment with white officers, and it was called the what?
A: The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

Where was George H. W. Bush, 41st President of the United States born?
A: In Milton, Massachusetts in 1924.


What is the Massachusetts state fossil?
A: Dinosaur track.

In Massachusetts how many counties are there?
A: 14.

Massachusetts is located along the Atlantic Flyway, a major route for what?
A: Migratory waterfowl.

Massachusetts has two separate metropolitan areas: Greater Boston in the east and what in the west?
A: The Springfield metropolitan area.

 How much of Massachusetts' population lives in Greater Boston?
A: Approximately two-thirds.

What is the Massachusetts state bird?
A: Chickadee.


Where in Massachusetts was the site of the colony founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims who come to America on the Mayflower?
A: Plymouth.

Massachusetts is the home of what university founded in 1636, and the oldest institution of higher learning in America?
A: Harvard University.

What was the name of the United States' first college for women, opened in 1837?
A:  Mount Holyoke College,

The Olympic sport of basketball was invented in what Western Massachusetts city?
A:  Springfield.

The oldest college in the US is Harvard University, founded in Massachusetts in what year?
A:  The year 1636.

What is the Massachusetts state fish?
A: Cod.


As of 2005, how many farms were located in the state?
A:  7,700.

In 2004, Massachusetts was the first state to legally recognize what kind of marriage?
A: Same-sex marriage.

What is the "official" name of the state of Massachusetts?
A: The "Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

What is the Massachusetts state beverage?
A: Cranberry juice.         

What is the area of Massachusetts in square miles?
A:  10,555 .

What is the largest city in the state?
A:  Boston.


What percentage of the state is covered in forest?
A: Around 62%.

What is the Massachusetts state song?
A:  All Hail to Massachusetts.

The gray wolf, elk, wolverine, and eastern cougar are animals that have become locally "what" in Massachusetts?
A: Extinct.

Located in Holyoke is what hall of fame?
A: The Volleyball Hall of Fame.

How many NBA Championships have the Boston Celtics won?
A: Seventeen.


In 2005, what percentage of the population of Massachusetts spoke English?
A: 79%.

Large numbers of the indigenous people in the northeast of what is now the US were killed by epidemics and  from  1617 to 1619, smallpox reportedly killed what percentage of the  Massachusetts Bay Native Americans?
A: 90%.

What is the Massachusetts state dog?
A: Boston terrier.

The pilgrims established their settlement at Plymouth in 1620, and developed friendly relations with what native American Indian tribe?
A: Wampanoag.

In 1630, Puritans established the Massachusetts Bay Colony in what is now what city?
A: Boston .

Massachusetts was the first state to pass compulsory what?
A: School attendance laws.


What is the Massachusetts state cat?
A: Tabby cat.

In 1636, Roger Williams founded what colony?
A: Rhode Island.

George Washington took over what would become the Continental Army and his first victory was the Siege of what city in the winter of 1775–76?
A: Boston .

How many Superbowls have the New England Patriots won?
A: Three.

Bostonian John Adams, was known as the what?
A: "Atlas of Independence".

What is the longest interstate in Massachusetts?
A: Interstate 90.


John Adams was an important figure in both the struggle for independence and the formation of the new what?
A:  United States.

What is the Massachusetts state horse?
A: Morgan horse.            

How many Stanley Cups have the Boston Bruins won?
A: Six.

John Adams succeeded George Washington as US President, and his son, John Quincy Adams, would go on to become the what?
A: Sixth President.

What is the Massachusetts state game bird?
A: Wild turkey.

During World War II, what percentage of the US armaments were produced in Massachusetts?
A: 3.4 percent.


The Kennedy family, prominent in Massachusetts politics in the 20th century,  included John F. Kennedy, who was a US president in 1963 when he was what?
A: Assassinated.

What is the Massachusetts state Reptile?
A: Garter snake.

What is the Massachusetts state insect?
A: Lady bug.      

Robert F. Kennedy, another member of the political family,  was a presidential candidate before his assassination in what year?
A: In 1968.

Where in Massachusetts is the famous Kennedy Compound located?
A: At Hyannisport on Cape Cod.

In 1987, Massachusetts got federal funding for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, the biggest federal highway project ever approved, and commonly known as what?
A:  The Big Dig.


In 2013, the population of Massachusetts was estimated to be what?
A:  6,692,824.

Who is the Massachusetts state artist?
A:  Norman Rockwell.

Massachusetts, after Wisconsin, is the second-largest producer of what agricultural product?
A: Cranberries.

 In what year was Massachusetts ranked as the most energy efficient state in the union?
A: In 2011.

What is the  major airport in the state?
A: Logan International Airport.

Massachusetts is home to The Mather School, founded in 1639, and it is America's oldest public what?
A: Elementary school.

How many times have the Boston Red Sox won the  World Series?
A: Eight.

What is the Massachusetts state tree?
A:  American Elm.

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