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Olympics Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Olympics trivia quiz questions and answers


Olympics Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: How many of Carl Lewis' Olympic gold medals were won in long jump competitions?
A: Three.

Q: What legendary strongman laid out the 600-foot race course for the only event in the early years of the ancient Olympics?
A: Hercules.

Q: What U.S. athlete was "about a week" pregnant when she broke the world 200-meter record at the 1984 Olympics?
A: Evelyn Ashford

Q: What woman was the only U.S. athlete to win a gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics?
A: Peggy Fleming.

Q: What former IOC president wanted to eliminate team sports and the Winter Games?
A: Avery Brundage.


Q: What U.S. team did 59 percent of American viewers root against during the 1996 Olympics, according to an ESPN poll?
A: The Dream Team.

Q: What grueling Olympic event saw Josia Thugwane become the first black man from South Africa to win a gold medal, in 1996?
A: The Marathon.

Q: What sport did Margaret Abbott play to become the first U.S. woman to win Olympic gold, in 1900?
A: Golf.

Q:  What future screen star was the first person to swim 100 meters in under a minute, in 1922?
A: Johnny Weissmuller.

Q: What Olympic champ played an HIV-infected chorus boy in the play "Jeffery" in 1993?
A: Greg Louganis. 

Q:  What did members of the Canadian swim team swear to give up during the 1996 Olympics?
A: Sex. 


Q:  What alpine city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976?
A: Insbruck. 

Q: What country had a swim team that swore off drinking and Big Macs for the 1996 Olympics?
A: The U.S.. 

Q: What L.A. Laker star's height was listed as two meters in 1996 Olympic programs?
A: Sahquille O'Neals's.

Q: What Soviet gymnast performed the first back somersault on a balance beam?
A: Olga Korbut.

Q: What 37-year-old middle distance runner qualified for her fourth Olympic team in 1996?
A: Mary Slaney.

Q: What sport is played with stones and brooms?
A: Curling.


Q: What contest of team strength was an official Olympic event from 1900 to 1920?
A: Tug of War.

Q: What Olympic aquatic event includes such positions as the Flamingo, crane and fishtail?
A: Synchronized swimming

Q: How many athletes competed for Israel in the 1994 Winter Olympics?
A:  One.

Q: What 1960 Olympic champion lit the torch to start Atlanta's 1996 Olympic festivities?
A: Muhammad Ali.

Q: What apparatus do male gymnasts refer to as "the pig"?
A: The pommel horse

Q: What event earned Norway's Johann Olay Koss three golds at the 1994 Winter Olympics?
A: Speed skating


Q: What new women's team sport was played on sand at the 1996 summer Olympics?
A: Beach Volleyball.

Q: Who passed Eric Heiden to become the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian ever?
A: Bonnie Blair. 

Q: What was the only thing Brianna Scurry wore during her Gold Medal celebration lap through the late night streets of Atlanta?
A: Her gold medal. 

Q: What decathlon champ was the first black student body president at UCLA?
A: Rafer Johnson




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