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1920 Trivia Questions And Answers 

Trivia quiz questions with answers from the year 1920.


Trivia Questions And Answers About The 1920s

How many suspected communists and anarchists are arrested and held without trial in the United States following raids in several cities?
A: 4,025.

Babe Ruth is traded by the Red Sox for how much money?
A:  $125,000, the largest sum ever paid for a player at that time.

Bolsheviks increase troops from four divisions to twenty along the what?
A: Polish border

The New York State Assembly refuses to seat five duly elected what?
A: Socialist assemblymen.

Thousands of onlookers watch as "The Human Fly" George Polley does what?
A: He climbs the Woolworth Building in New York City.

He reaches the 30th floor before being what?
A: Arrested.

Covenant enters into force. On January 16 the League of Nations holds its first what?
A: Council meeting, in Paris.


The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is recognized de facto by whom?
A: European powers in Versailles.

Who does the New York Times ridicule?
A: The American rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard.

Prohibition in the United States begins with what?
A: The Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution coming into effect.

The United States Senate votes against joining the what?
A: League of Nations.

The Australian Country Party is officially formed, led by whom?
A: Nelson Pollard.

The oldest surviving pro wrestling match on film takes place, with Joe Stecher defeating whom?
A: Earl Caddock.

The Tartu Peace Treaty is signed, ending what?
A: The Estonian War of Independence.


Who are executed by firing squad near Irkutsk?
A: Admiral Kolchak and Viktor Pepelyayev.

Leaders of the United Kingdom, France and Italy meet to discuss the partitioning of what?
A: The Ottoman Empire.

Switzerland rejoins what?
A: The League of Nations.

What league is founded in Chicago?
A: The League of Women Voters.

The United States Senate refuses to ratify what?
A: The Treaty of Versailles.

In Emeryville, California, the first "what" to employ an imitation rabbit opens?
A: Dog racing track.

Hungarian Admiral and statesman Miklós Horthy becomes what?
A: The Regent of Hungary.


Where does the world's first peaceful establishment of a social democratic government takes place?
A: In Sweden.

Who takes over when Nils Edén resigns?
A: Hjalmar Branting.

What army, a communist army 60,000 men strong, is formed in Germany?
A: The Ruhr Red Army.

Greece begins using the what?
A: The Gregorian calendar.

The United States Congress refuses to ratify the what?
A: Treaty of Versailles.

Admiral Miklós Horthy declares that Hungary is a what?
A: Monarchy without anyone on the throne.

British recruits to the Royal Irish Constabulary begin to arrive where?
A: In Ireland.


Sir William Robertson is promoted to Field Marshal, the first man to what?
A: Rise from private (enlisted 1877) to the highest rank in the British Army.

The German army marches to where?
A: The Ruhr to fight the Ruhr Red Army.

Álvaro Obregón flees from Mexico City during a trial intended to what?
A: Ruin his reputation.

Álvaro Obregón announces in Chilpancingo that he intends to do what?
A: Fight against the rule of Venustiano Carranza.

Where do the 1920 Summer Olympics open?
A: In Antwerp, Belgium.

The Olympic symbols of what are first displayed at the games?
A: Five interlocking rings and the associated flag.

Polish and anti-Soviet Ukrainian troops attack who?
A: The Red Army in Soviet Ukraine.


Where is the first game of Negro National League baseball played?
A: In Indianapolis, Indiana.

Where does a Bolshevik coup fail?
A: In the Democratic Republic of Georgia.

Polish troops occupy what city?
A:  Kiev.

The first flight of what Dutch air company, from Amsterdam to London, takes place?

Álvaro Obregón's troops enter what city?
A:  Mexico City.

Who becomes president of Czechoslovakia?
A: Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

The United States Post Office Department rules what?
A: That children may not be sent via parcel post.


Germany declares its neutrality in the war between what two countries?
A: Poland and Soviet Russia.

Who becomes Canada's ninth prime minister?
A: Arthur Meighen.

Pancho Villa takes over Sabina and contacts de la Huerta to offer his what?
A: Conditional surrender. He signs his surrender on July 28.

France prohibits the sale or prescription of what?
A: Contraceptives.

Catholic riots in Belfast in protest at the continuing what?
A: British Army presence.

The Red Army is defeated in what battle?
A: The Battle of Warsaw.

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is passed, guaranteeing what?
A: Women's suffrage.

The National Football League is established as the what?
A:  American Professional Football Association.

The first domestic radio sets come to what?
A: Stores in the United States.

Adolf Hitler makes his first what?
A: Public political speech, in Austria.

In the 1920 World Series, the   beat what team to win their first World Series title?
A: the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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