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NFL Trivia Questions And Answers

Free football trivia quiz questions with the answers


Free NFL Football Trivia Questions And Answers

Q: What Steelers quarterback, according to Hollywood Henderson, "couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the' C' and the 'A'"?
A:  Terry Bradshaw.

Q: What Ivy League football team once lost an NCAA record 44 straight games?
A: Columbia.

Q: What yard line must a football team drive to, to reach the "red zone"?
A: The twenty.

Q: What budding politician led the AFL in passing yards for the 1960s?
A: Jack Kemp.

Q: What NFL footballer saw his weight reach a league-leading 340 pounds in 1988?
A: William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

Q: Who played defensive back for the New York Giants before he coached the Cowboys?
A: Tom Landry.

Q:  What football league had expansion teams in Baltimore, Las Vegas and Shreveport for the 1994 season?
A: The Canadian Football League


Q: How many points was a touchdown worth in 1911?
A: Five.

Q:  What university's football team played in the first seven Holiday Bowls?
A: Brigham Young's.

Q:  What NFL team did Rafael Septien boot balls for from 1978 to 1986?
A:   The Dallas Cowboys.

Q:  What National Football Conference division do the Lions, Bears and Packers play in?
A: The Central Division 

Q:  What Dallas quarterback fumbled a record five times in four Superbowl games?
A: Roger Staubach. 

Q: Whose NFL playing career began in 1949 and ended in 1975?
A: George Blanda's. 


Q: Who said life's three important things were "family, religion and the Green Bay Packers"?
A: Vince Lombardi.

Q: What sportscaster posted an NFL coaching record of 103-22-7?
A: John Madden.

Q: What "winning" slogan credited to Vince Lombardi was uttered first by UCLA coach Red Sanders?"
A:  "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing"

Q:  What three NFL teams had lost four Super Bowls each, through 1996?
A: Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings.

Q: What former Chicago Bears star was known as "the Enforcer," "the Animal" and "Paddles"?
A: Dick Butkus.

Q: What were NFL players required to wear in games for the first time in 1943?
A: Helmets.

Q: How many teams graced the NFL after the AFL officially joined the fold in 1970?
A: Twenty-six. 

Q: What NFL footballer saw his weight reach a league-leading 340 pounds in 1988?
A: William "The Refrigerator" Perry. 




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