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Dallas Cowboys Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free Fun Dallas Cowboys football team trivia quiz questions with the answers.


Dallas Cowboys Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football franchise that plays in the East division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in what league?
A: The National Football League (NFL).

Where are the Cowboys headquartered?
A: In Valley Ranch in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

Where does the team play its home games?
A: At AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The Cowboys joined the NFL as a what?
A: 1960 expansion team.

Before the Dallas Cowboys, there had not been an NFL team south of Washington, D.C. since when?
A: Since the Dallas Texans folded in 1952.

Oilman Clint Murchison had tried to purchase the Washington Redskins from George Preston Marshall, owner of the Washington Redskins in what year?
A: 1958.

As the deal was about to be finalized, Marshall called for a change in what?
A: Terms.


Murchison got so mad that he did what?
A: He called off the deal.

Then what did Marshall do?
A: He then opposed any franchise for Murchison in Dallas.

NFL expansion needed unanimous approval from team owners at that time, so Marshall's position did what?
A: Prevented Murchison from joining the league.

From 1970 through 1979, how many regular season games did the Cowboys win?
A: 105, more than any other NFL franchise during that span.

During that period they won how many Super Bowls?
A: Two, 1971 and 1977.

In 1980, after quarterback Roger Staubach retired, who became the new starting quarterback?
A: Danny White.

How many times did White lead the Cowboys to the playoffs?
A: Five times and won two Division Championships.


In 1984, who purchased the Dallas Cowboys from Clint Murchison, Jr. ?
A: H.R. "Bum" Bright .

When did Mr. Bright sell the Cowboys to Jerry Jones?
A: On February 25, 1989.

Jones immediately fired who?
A: Tom Landry.

Who did Jones replace Landry with?
A: University of Miami head coach Jimmy Johnson.

The Cowboys had the first pick in the draft, and they selected what quarterback?
A: UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman.

Later that year traded veteran running back Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for what?
A: Five veteran players and eight draft choices.

When the Cowboys finished the 1989 season, what was their record?
A: 1–15, their worst in almost 30 years.


 "The Trade" later allowed Dallas to draft a number of what?
A: Impact players to rebuild the team.

Johnson's skillful drafts added what two players in 1989?
A: Fullback Daryl Johnston and center Mark Stepnoski.

In 1990, they added what running back?
A: Emmitt Smith.

Defensive tackle Russell Maryland and offensive tackle Erik Williams joined the team in what year?
A: In 1991.

In 1992, the team gained what safety?
A: Darren Woodson.

In 1990, on Week 1, Dallas won their first what?
A: Home game since September 1988 when they defeated the San Diego Chargers 17-14.

They would go on to finish the season with what record?
A:  A 4th place 7-9 record.


The Cowboys replaced offensive coordinator Dave Shula in 1991 with whom?
A:  Norv Turner.

In 1992 Dallas set a team record for regular season wins with  what?
A: A 13–3 record.

They started off the season by defeating what team?
A: The defending Super Bowl Champion Washington Redskins 23-10.

On January 17th, 1993 the Cowboys defeated the 49ers 30-20 to clinch what?
A: Their first Super Bowl berth since 1978.

In Super Bowl XXVII, Dallas defeated the Buffalo Bills 52–17 during which they forced a record what?
A: Nine turnovers.

Johnson became the first coach to claim what?
A: A national championship in college football and a Super Bowl victory in professional football.

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