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1960 Trivia Quiz Questions - From 1960

Trivia quiz questions about things that happened in the year of 1960.


Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers From The 60s - Miscellaneous questions from 1960

U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA) announces his what?
A: Candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Construction begins in Egypt on what project?
A: The Aswan High Dam.

What is signed between the United States and Japan in Washington, D.C.?
A: The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security.

A mine collapses at Coalbrook, South Africa, killing how many miners?
A: 500.

Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh descend into what?
A: The Mariana Trench in the bathyscaphe Trieste, reaching the depth of 35,797 feet.

They became the first human beings to reach what?
A: The lowest spot on Earth.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, what did four black students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University do?
A: They begin a sit-in at a Segregated Woolworth's lunch counter.


A section of lunch counter from the Greensboro, North Carolina Woolworth's is now preserved where?
A:  In the Smithsonian.

The first CERN "what" becomes operational in Geneva, Switzerland?
A: Particle accelerator.

Joanne Woodward receives the first "what" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
A: Star.

Where does France test its first atomic bomb?
A: In the Sahara Desert of Algeria.

Where do the 1960 Winter Olympics begin?
A: At the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, in Placer County, California.

Elvis Presley returns home from Germany, after being where?
A: Away on military duty for 2 years.

Lucille Ball files for divorce from whom?
A: Desi Arnaz after 19 years of marriage.


Elvis Presley receives his what from the U.S. Army?
A: Honorable discharge.

The United States announces that how many American soldiers will be sent to Vietnam?
A: 3,500.

What do Arthur Leonard Schawlow & Charles Hard Townes receive?
A: The first patent for a laser.

Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev meets whom?
A:  French president Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

The United States launches the first  what?
A: Weather satellite, TIROS-1.

At the 32nd Academy Awards ceremony, what movie wins a record number of Oscars, including Best Picture?
A: Ben-Hur.

What Elvis Presley song is recorded for the first time?
A: Are You Lonesome Tonight?


Several Soviet surface-to-air missiles shoot down an American what?
A:  Lockheed U-2 spy plane.

What happened to its pilot, Francis Gary Powers of the Central Intelligence Agency?
A: He is captured.

Dwight D. Eisenhower signs what act into law?
A: The Civil Rights Act of 1960.

The U.S. nuclear-powered submarine USS Triton, under the command of Captain Edward L. Beach, Jr., completes what?
A: The first underwater circumnavigation of the Earth.

What satellite is launched into orbit by the Soviet Union?
A: Sputnik 4.

Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion announces what?
A: That Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann has been captured.

What begins broadcasting in the city of Auckland?
A: New Zealand's first television station.


U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy wins what?
A: The California Democratic primary.

What pizza restaurant is founded?
A: Domino's.

The new 50-star Flag of the United States is first what?
A: Officially flown over Philadelphia.

Harper Lee publishes what novel?
A: To Kill a Mockingbird.

The Woolworth Company's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, does what?
A: Serves a meal to its first black customer.

Niger becomes independent from what country?
A: France.

In response to a United States embargo against Cuba, Fidel Castro does what?
A: Nationalizes all American and foreign-owned property in Cuba.


Chad becomes independent from what country?
A:  France.

Joseph Kittinger parachutes from a balloon over New Mexico from about what altitude?
A: About 102,800 feet.

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus receives its independence from what country?
A: The United Kingdom.

The trial of whom begins in Moscow?
A: The American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers.

American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers is sentenced to how long in prison for espionage?
A: 10 years.

Where do the 1960 Summer Olympic Games begin?
A:  In Rome.


Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) wins the Olympic gold medal in what?
A: Light-heavyweight boxing.

The countries of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela form what organization?

The leading candidates for President of the United States, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, make the first what?
A: Televised debate.

What TV cartoon sitcom debuts on ABC?
A: The Flintstones.

Nigeria becomes the 99th member of what?
A: The United Nations.

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