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New Mexico Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Fun New Mexico trivia quiz questions with answers.


New Mexico Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

New Mexico has the highest percentage of what race of people of all of the states?
A: Hispanics.

New Mexico has the second-highest percentage of Native Americans after what other state?
A:  Alaska.

The Mimbres Indians were know for their stunning black and white pottery which can be easily mistaken for what?
A: Modern art.

What are the three major tribes represented in New Mexico?
A: Navajo, Pueblo and Apache.

New Mexico got its name in 1563, and again in 1581, by who?
A: Spanish explorers.

How big is New Mexico in square miles?
A:  121,412.

In what New Mexico city does a large artistic community thrive and has included such people as Bruce Nauman, Richard Tuttle, John Connell and Steina Vasulka?
A: Santa Fe.


The hottest ever temperature recorded in the state was what?
A: 122 °F near Loving on June 27, 1994.

What city hosts the famed annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta every fall?
A: Albuquerque.

What was the lowest ever recorded temperature in New Mexico?
A:  −50 °F at Gavilan on February 1, 1951.

New Mexico's first inhabitants are believed to have been members of what culture?
A: Clovis.

What Spanish explorer assembled a huge expedition at Compostela in 1540–1542 to find the mystical Seven Golden Cities of Cibola?
A: Francisco Vásquez de Coronado .

At about the year 1608, Santa Fe was established at the foot of what mountains?
A:  Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

New Mexico was the 47th state admitted to the Union by congress on what date?
A:  January 6, 1912.


In 1928 the discovery of what substance brought prosperity to the state?
A:  Oil.

 The Midwest State No. 1 well, begun in late 1927 was drilled to 4,330 feet and the well until what year?
A:  2002.

What type of bombs were designed and manufactured at Los Alamos during World War II?
A: Atomic bombs.

Where was the first atomic bomb tested?
A: On on the White Sands Proving Grounds .

New Mexico  is home to how many Air Force bases?
A: Three, Kirtland Air Force Base, Holloman Air Force Base, and Cannon Air Force Base.

Where does New Mexico rank among the states  in production of crude oil and natural gas?
A: Third.

New Mexico provides a number of economic incentives to businesses operating in the state, with most of the incentives based on what?
A:  Job creation.


What is the area of New Mexico in square miles?
A: 121,412.

How much water area does New Mexico have in square miles?
A:  About 250 square miles.

Tourists also visit native pueblos of New Mexico and thus bring significant what to the state?
A: Money.

Upham, is the location of the world's first operational commercial what?
A: Spaceport.

The reservation of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and Arizona is the largest in the United States with how many acres?
A: 16 million.

The earliest New Mexico artists whose work survives today are the what people?
A:  Mimbres Indians.

Every August, Santa Fe hosts the oldest and largest Native American art showcase in the world, the annual what?
A:  Santa Fe Indian Market.

What is New Mexico's largest city?
A: Albuquerque.

 The National Hispanic Cultural Center has held hundreds of performing arts events, art showcases, and other events related to  what?
A: Spanish culture.

Silver City, in the southwestern mountains, was originally a mining town but it is better known as the center for a large number of what?
A:  Artists.

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