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Arizona Trivia Quiz Questions

Arizona trivia quiz questions with answers.


Arizona Trivia Quiz Questions

What is the capital of Arizona?
A: Phoenix.

The Census Bureau estimates population of Arizona on July 1, 2013, was how many people?
A: 6,626,624.

Arizona is one of the what?
A: Four Corners states.

Arizona shares borders with what other states?
A: New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and Mexico.

How long in miles is Arizona's border with Mexico?
A: 389.

Arizona, the last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union, became a state on what date?
A: February 14, 1912.

Where are there ski resorts in Arizona?
A: Flagstaff, Alpine, and Tucson.


About a quarter of Arizona is Indian Reservation land, the home of a number of what?
A: Native American tribes.

Where does Arizona rank in land area compared to the other US states?
A: The sixth largest.

How many square miles of land does Arizona have?
A: 113,998 square miles.

Arizona is known for its desert landscape, rich in xerophyte plants such as the what?
A: Cactus plant.

Arizona has the world's largest stand of what kind of trees?
A: Ponderosa pine trees.

In 1970 what was Arizona's population?
A: 1,752,122.

The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona is magnificent, steep-sided gorge, carved by what river?
A: The Colorado River.


During the Great Depression what were two of Arizona’s most important statewide industries?
A: Cotton farming and copper mining.

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is largely contained in what park?
A: Grand Canyon National Park.

Which US President visited the Grand Canyon on numerous occasions to hunt mountain lion and enjoy the scenery?
A: President Theodore Roosevelt.

The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River over millions of years, and is about how long?
A: 277 miles.

The canyon ranges in width from 4 to 18 miles and reaches how deep?
A: More than a mile.

How many years of the Earth's history have been exposed by the Grand Canyons layers of sediment?
A: Almost 2 billion.

Arizona is home to what well-preserved meteorite impact site?
A: The Barringer Meteorite Crater .


Arizona was the site of Japanese-American internment camps with one being located on Mount Lemmon, just outside of what city?
A: Tucson.

The Barringer Meteorite Crater is a huge hole in the Colorado Plateau, about 25 miles west of where?
A: Winslow.

How big is the Barringer Meteorite Crater?
A: Nearly 1 mile wide, and 570 feet deep.

The earliest recorded earthquakes in Arizona were located where?
A: At Fort Yuma.

The first earthquake known to be centered within Arizona's borders and to cause damage, happened on what date?
A: January 25, 1906.

In 1887, what city was rocked by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake with an epicenter 40 miles away in the Mexican state of Sonora?
A: Douglas Arizona.

On August 18, in 1912, in Arizona, an earthquake caused a 50-mile crack in what mountain range?
A: The San Francisco Range.


In what year did Arizona experience its largest earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.6?
A: In 1959.

As far as temperature goes, what is Arizona’s all-time record high temperature?
A: 128°F at Lake Havasu City on June 29, 1994, and July 5, 2007.

What was the all-time record low temperature, recorded at Hawley Lake on January 7, 1971?
A: -40°.

What is the average annual rainfall for Arizona?
A: 12.7 inches.

Phoenix Arizona is the metropolitan area with the most days over what temperature?
A: 100°F .

President Jefferson Davis, on February 14, 1862, recognized Arizona as a Confederate Territory by what?
A: Presidential proclamation.

What battle is considered the farthest Western engagement of the war?
A: The Battle of Picacho Pass Arizona.


What religious group founded Mesa, Snowflake, Heber, Safford, and other towns?
A: The Mormons.

Arizona’s population grew tremendously after World War II, at least in part because of the development of what?
A: Air conditioning.

Arizona's population in 1910 was how many people?
A: 294,353.

What is the third largest city in Arizona?
A: Mesa.

Which city is the state's second largest city, and home to the University of Arizona?
A: Tucson.

What is the elevation of Flagstaff, the largest city in northern Arizona?
A: Nearly 7,000.


What is the highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet?
A: Humphreys Peak.

What city is home to the main campus of Northern Arizona University?
A: Flagstaff.

What material is extensively mined from many expansive open-pit and underground mines in Arizona?
A: Copper.

What is Arizona’s largest employer?
A: The state government.

Who is Arizona's largest private employer?
A: Wal-Mart .

What percentage of the land in Arizona is owned by the U.S. government?
A: Nearly 70 percent.

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