Easy US Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free easy USA trivia quiz questions with the answers


Easy US Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

In which month is Labor day a national holiday.
A: September.

Which state lies to the south of Georgia?
A: Florida.

Which ocean is off the Californian coast?
A: Pacific.

Where is the Guggenheim Museum?
A: New York.

In which state is Harvard University?
A: Massachusetts.

Which state was called Quinnehtukqut by Native Americans?
A: Connecticut.


What is the other main Boston newspaper along with the Herald?
A: Globe.

A museum in whose memory can be visited at Hyannis?
A: John F. Kennedy.

What does the middle A stand for in the AAA?
A: Automobile.

Whose birthday do some states celebrate as a national holiday on 21st January?
A: Martin Luther King.

If it's noon in Boston, what time is it New York?
A: Noon.

Which two mid-Atlantic states have new in their names?
A: New York & New Jersey.


In which state are the Catskill Mountains?
A: New York.

The Horseshoe Falls are part of which famous Falls?
A: Niagara.

Which city is the home of jazz?
A: New Orleans.

In which state is the Sun Studio famous for its Elvis recordings?
A: Tennessee.

Christopher Walken the actor was born with what name?
A: Ronald Walken.

Which Gulf lies to the south of Florida?
A: Mexico.


What day in November is Veterans Day?
A: 11th.

Which Mile Island is home to a nuclear power plant?
A: Three Mile Island.

Which Island is the smallest state of the Union?
A: Rhode Island.

Which President had a summer retreat at Kennebunkport?
A: George Bush.

Which state takes its name from Alayeska, "great land of the west"?
A: Alaska.

What is Hawaii's largest city?
A: Honolulu.

In which city is Santa Monica Bay?
A: Los Angeles.

Which city has an area called Haight-ashbury?
A: San Francisco.