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1912 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz with answers about things that happened in 1912


1912 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What do Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party do?
A: They break away from the rest of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.

Moscow Art Theatre production of "what" opens?
A: Hamlet.

New Mexico becomes what?
A: The 47th state of the United States.

British polar explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott and a team of four become what?
A: The second expeditionary group to reach the South Pole.

The Overseas Railroad opens and the first train arrives in Key West with whom aboard?
A: Henry M. Flagler, the railroad's creator and owner.

In January, where is the International Opium Convention signed?
A: At The Hague.

The Manchu Qing dynasty of China comes to an end after 268 years with the what?
A: Abdication of Emperor Puyi in favor of the Republic of China.


Arizona becomes what?
A: The 48th U.S. state.

Italy makes a surprise attack on the Ottoman port of Beirut, when the cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi and the gunboat Volturno do what?
A: Bombard the harbor, killing 97 sailors and civilians.

Serbia and Bulgaria secretly sign a treaty of alliance for a term of eight years, with each pledging to what?
A: Come to the defense of the other during war.

Albert Berry is reported to have made the first "what" from a flying airplane?
A: Parachute jump.

Italian forces became the first to use airships in war, as two "what" dropped bombs on Turkish troops encamped at Janzur, from an altitude of 6,000 feet?
A: dirigibles .

In March, Roald Amundsen in Hobart, Tasmania, announces what?
A:  His success in reaching the South Pole the previous December.

The Girl Scouts is founded by whom?
A: Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia.


Lawrence Oates, dying member of Scott's South Pole expedition, leaves the tent saying what?
A: "I am just going outside and may be some time."

Who gives 3,000 cherry trees to be planted in Washington, D.C., to symbolize the friendship between the two countries?
A: Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo.

In march, what happens to the remaining members of Robert Falcon Scott's South Pole expedition?
A: They die.

The French Third Republic establishes the French protectorate in what country?
A: Morocco.

White Star liner RMS Titanic departs from Southampton with 2225 passengers and crew on her what?
A: Her maiden voyage bound for New York.

Where does RMS Titanic makes her last call?
A: At Queenstown in Ireland.

RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg in the northern Atlantic Ocean and sinks with the loss of how many lives?
A: 1517 lives.


Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to do what?
A: Fly across the English Channel.

500 striking gold miners in Siberia are killed or wounded by troops in the what?
A: Lena massacre.

What ball park in Boston, Massachusetts, opens?
A: Fenway Park.

Carl Laemmle founds Universal Studios as the what?
A:  Universal Film and Manufacturing Company in the United States.

Who lays the cornerstone for the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois?
A: Abdu'l-Bahá.

Where are the Olympic Games held?
A: In Stockholm, Sweden.

Alaska becomes a what?
A: A territory of the United States.


The Hamburg America Line's SS Imperator is launched in Hamburg and is what?
A: The world's largest ship.

Wilbur Wright, of the Wright brothers, dies with a case of what?
A: Typhoid fever.

What volcano, southwest of Anchorage, experiences a VEI 6 eruption, the largest eruption in the 20th century?
A: The Novarupta volcano.

Emperor Meiji of Japan dies and he is succeeded by his son Yoshihito who becomes what?
A:  Emperor Taishō.

Where do U.S. Marines land from the USS Annapolis?
A: In Nicaragua to support the conservative government at its request.

In August, who abdicates?
A: Sultan Abd al-Hafid of Morocco.

Whose "Memphis Blues" is published?
A: William Christopher Handy's.


Montenegro declares war against who?
A: The Ottoman Empire.

The Maternity Allowance Act goes into effect in Australia, but excludes who?
A: Minorities.

Who attempts to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt?
A: John Flammang Schrank.

Bulgarian pilots Radul Minkov and Prodan Toprakchiev perform the first "what" in history, at the railway station of Karaagac near Edirne against Turkey?
A: Bombing with an airplane.

Krupp engineers Benno Strauss and Eduard Maurer patent what?
A: Austenitic stainless steel.

Italy and the Ottoman Empire sign a treaty in Ouchy near Lausanne ending the what?
A: The  Italo-Turkish War.

Where do Serbian forces defeat the Ottoman army?
A: In Vardar Macedonia.


Edgar Rice Burroughs' character Tarzan first appears in Tarzan of the Apes in what American pulp magazine?
A:  The All-Story.

On November 5, 1912, who wins U.S. presidential election?
A: New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson.

Albania declares independence from who?
A: The Ottoman Empire.

Casimir Funk identifies what?
A: Vitamins.

The Scoville Unit used to measure the heat of peppers is devised and tested by whom?
A: Wilbur Scoville.

Alfred Wegener proposes the theory of what?
A: Continental drift.

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