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Illinois Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Fun interesting Illinois trivia quiz questions with answers.


Illinois Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

The Port of Chicago in Illinois connects the state to global ports via Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence Seaway, to the Atlantic Ocean and through what famous river?
A: Mississippi River, via the Illinois River.

O'Hare International Airport has been consistently ranked as what?
A: One of the world's busiest airports.

In 1847, thanks to lobbying by Dorothea L. Dix, Illinois was one of the first states to create a system of state-supported treatment facilities for treating what?
A:  Mental illness and disabilities.

Illinois is the most populous state in what region?
A: Tornado Alley.

In 1967, Fermilab, near Batavia, opened a particle accelerator and it was the world's largest particle accelerator  for how long?
A: Over 40 years.

Today Illinois's biggest population center is around what city in the northern part of the state?
A: Chicago.

Striking oil in Marion County and Crawford County lead to a boom and by 1939 Illinois ranked where in U.S. oil production?
A:  Fourth.


In what year did Illinois become a US State?
A:  In 1818.

How many Stanley Cups have the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL won?
A: Five.

In the 1830s, on the banks of the Chicago River, Chicago was founded on which of the great lakes?
A: Lake Michigan.

In 1942 the University of Chicago conducted the first sustained nuclear what?
A: Chain reaction.

How many men served in the Union Army During the American Civil War from Illinois?
A:  More than 250,000.

John Deere's invention of the self-scouring steel plow turned Illinois' prairie into valuable farmland  attracting immigrant farmers from what two countries?
A: Germany and Sweden.

What are the names of the three presidents that have been elected to office while residing in Illinois?
A: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama.


Which U.S. President was the only one born and raised in Illinois?
A: Ronald Reagan.

What phrase has been displayed on Illinois's automobile license plates since 1954?
A: Land of Lincoln.

Where are the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum located in Illinois?
A: Springfield.

 Excavations in Illinois demonstrate that there were about  7,000 years of what?
A: Continuous habitation.

Monks Mound, in the center of an excavation site, is the largest pre-Columbian structure north of where?
A: Valley of Mexico.

By 1857, what was the largest city in Illinois?
A: Chicago.

Monks Mound  is 100 feet high, 951 feet long, 836 feet wide and covers how many  acres?
A: 13.8.


In 1673 what pair of famous French explorers explored the Illinois River?
A: Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet.

Most of the Illinois western border with Missouri and Iowa consists of what river?
A: The Mississippi River.

The first experimental nuclear power plant in the United States was fired up in 1957 where?
A:  Argonne National Laboratory.

 In 1680, other French explorers built a fort at the site of present day what?
A:  Peoria.

What is the all-time high temperature for Illinois, recorded on July 14, 1954, at East St. Louis,?
A:  117 °.

The British Crown made Illinois part of the land reserved for Indians and as a result very few British or American settlers did what?
A: Move there.

The Chicago Bulls is one of the most recognized basketball teams in the world, due in a large part to who?
A:  Michael Jordan.


By 1960, Dresden 1,  located near Morris Illinois, was the first privately financed"  what" in United States?
A: Nuclear plant.

How many cities in Illinois does the U.S. Census Bureau currently lists with populations of over 100,000?
A: Seven.

Vandalia became the capital of Illinois in what year?
A: In 1819.

In 1837, state legislators representing Sangamon County, under and led by  state representative Abraham Lincoln, had the capital moved to where?
A: Springfield.

In 1832, the Black Hawk War was fought in Illinois and what is now Wisconsin between the United States and what Indian Tribes?
A: The Sauk, Fox and Kickapoo tribes.

The winter of 1830–1831 is called the "Winter of the Deep Snow" because an unexpectedly  deep snowfall covered Illinois, making travel impossible many travelers what?
A: Died.

By 1839, the Mormons had established a city called Nauvoo on what river?
A: The Mississippi.


Where was Joseph Smith the Mormon leader was murdered?
A: In the Carthage Jail, about 30 miles away from Nauvoo Illinois.

What took place from Sunday, October 8, 1871, until Tuesday, October 10, 1871 in Chicago?
A: The Great Chicago Fire.

How much of Chicago burned in downtown Chicago during the Great Chicago Fire?
A:  4 square miles.

The town of Cairo, at the southern tip of the state served as a supply base and training center for what army?
A: The Union army.

For several months General Grant had his headquarters in what Illinois city?
A: Cairo.

At the turn of the 20th century, whites were what percentage of the state's population?
A:  98%.

During what year did Illinois host the "Century of Progress World's Fair" in Chicago?
A: In 1933.


With the opening of the Saint Lawrence Seaway in 1959, Chicago became a what?
A: An ocean port.

In 1960, what did entrepreneur Ray Kroc open in Des Plaines?
A: The first McDonald's franchise.

 Illinois generates more electricity than any other state from what?
A:  Nuclear power.

Where was the first Farm Aid concert held to help out the American farmers, in 1985?
A:  Champaign Illinois.

What was the all time low temperature ever recorded for the state of Illinois?
A: −36 °F on January 5, 1999, at Congerville.

What is the average number of tornadoes that occur yearly in Illinois?
A:  35.

What are the two Major League Baseball teams based in the state of Illinois?
A:  The Chicago Cubs and The Chicago White Sox.

How many NFL Championships have the Chicago Bears football team won?
A:  Nine.

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