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Baseball Trivia Questions with Answers

Baseball trivia quiz questions and answers suitable for kids adults and seniors.


Baseball Trivia Questions with Answers

Q: What hide was first used to cover baseballs in 1975?
A: Cowhide.

Q: What baseball announcer said Pope Paul VI's death "puts a damper on even a Yankees win"?
A: Phil Rizzuto.

Q: What country's first U.S. major league baseball player was Chan-Ho Park?
A: South Korea's.

Q: Which two cities have the oldest stadiums in major league baseball?
A: Boston and Detroit.

Q: What baseball team's games are announced on TV by Skip Carey?
A: The Atlanta Braves.

Q: What shortstop holds the major league record for games played, assists and double plays?
A: Ozzie Smith.


Q: What pitcher's 1.12 ERA in 1968 is the lowest in the majors in post-World War II play?
A: Bob Gibson's.

Q: Who was the last American League baseballer to win the Triple Crown, in 1967?
A: Car Yastrzemski.

Q:  What Pittsburgh Pirate had exactly 3,000 career hits before dying in a plane crash?
A:  Roberto Clemente.

Q: What's the LCS to a baseball pennant winner?
A:  League Championship Series.

Q:  What was pitcher Dock Ellis the first major leaguer to wear in his hair on the field?
A:  Curlers.

Q:  How many seasons did Lou Gehrig play every inning of every game?
A:  One


Q: What major league baseball team has fans dubbed "Cheese Heads"?
A:  The Milwaukee Brewers.

Q: What ballpark was Pete Rose playing in when he broke Ty Cobb's career hits record?
A: Riverfront Stadium.

Q: What major league baseball team did the Walt Disney Company assumee operational control of in 1996?
A: The California Angels.

Q: How many seasons saw Hank Aaron blast 50 or more homers?
A: Zero.

Q:  Who holds the record for most innings pitched in a major league season?
A: Cy Young.

Q: What legendary manager explained: "You have to have a catcher.  If you don't the pitch will roll all the way back to the screen"?
A: Casey Stengel


Q: What explosive base-stealer took a $2.75 million pay cut to play for the Kansas City Royals, in 1995?
A: Vince Coleman.

Q: What major league baseball team was forced to endure a 20-day road trip in 1996?
A:  The Atlanta Braves.

Q: What Beantowner is second only to Pete Rose in total major league baseball games played?
A:  Carl Yastrzemski.

Q:  What's the most home runs hit by one player in a single major league game?
A:  Four.

Q:  What establishments were 90 percent of the viewers watching the first televised World Series from?
A:  Bars.

Q: What did Babe Ruth, Rogers, Hornsby, Ted Williams and Willie Mays all do in their first major league at-bats?
A:  Strike out.

Q: What former Giants star is the godfather of Barry Bonds?
A:  Willie Mays.

Q: What governor was on hand at home plate to greet Hank Aaron when he broke Babes Ruth's home run record?
A:  Jimmy Carter.




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