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Ty Cobb Trivia Questions

Trivia questions with answers about Ty Cobb

Who was Ty Cobb?
A: Tyrus Raymond Cobb was an American Major League Baseball center fielder.

Where was he born?
A: In rural Narrows, Georgia.

Cobb spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, the last six as the team's what?
A: Player-manager and finished his career with the Philadelphia Athletics.

In 1936, Cobb received the most votes of any player on what?
A: The inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, receiving 222 out of a possible 226 votes (98.2%).

No other player received a higher percentage of votes until whom?
A: Tom Seaver in 1992.


In 1999, the Sporting News ranked Ty Cobb third on their list of what?
A:  "Baseball's 100 Greatest Players."

What was his nickname?
A:  The Georgia Peach.

Cobb is widely credited with setting how many MLB records during his career?
A: 90.

His combined total of 4,065 runs scored and runs batted in (after adjusting for home runs) is still what?
A: The highest ever produced by any major league player.

He still holds several records as of the end of the 2019 season, including what?
A: The highest career batting average (.366) and most career batting titles with 11.


He still holds the career record for doing what?
A: Stealing home (54 times) and for stealing second base, third base, and home in succession (4 times).

He was the youngest player ever to compile 4,000 hits and score how many runs?
A: 2,000.

Cobb ranks fifth all-time in number of what?
A: Games played.

He committed 271 errors, the most by any what?
A: American League (AL) outfielder.

While he was known for often violent conflicts, he spoke favorably about black players joining the Major Leagues and was a well-known what?
A: Philanthropist.


When he was still an infant, his parents moved to where?
A: The town of Royston, where he grew up.

By most accounts, he became fascinated with baseball as a what?
A: A child, and decided he wanted to play professional ball one day.

His father was vehemently opposed to this idea, but by his teen years what was he doing?
A: He was trying out for area teams.

He played his first years in organized baseball for who?
A: The Royston Rompers, the semi-pro Royston Reds, and the Augusta Tourists of the South Atlantic League, who released him after only two days.

He then tried out for what?
A: The Anniston Steelers of the semipro TennesseeAlabama League.


After joining the Steelers for a monthly salary of $50, Cobb promoted himself by doing what?
A: By sending several postcards written about his talents under different aliases to Grantland Rice, the Atlanta Journal sports editor.

Eventually, Rice wrote what?
A: A small note in the Journal that a "young fellow named Cobb seems to be showing an unusual lot of talent."

After about three months, Cobb returned to the Tourists and finished the season hitting what?
A:  .237 in 35 games.

In August 1905, the management of the Tourists sold Cobb to whom?
A: The American League's Detroit Tigers for $750 (equivalent to $22,619 in 2021).

On August 8, 1905, Cobb's mother fatally shot his father with what?
A: A pistol that his father had purchased for her.


Court records indicate that Mr. Cobb had what?
A: Suspected his wife of infidelity and was sneaking past his own bedroom window to catch her in the act.

She saw the silhouette of what she presumed to be an intruder and did what?
A: Acting in self-defense, shot and killed her husband.

Mrs. Cobb was charged with murder and then released on what?
A: A $7,000 recognizance bond.

When was she acquitted?
A: On March 31, 1906.



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