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American History Trivia Questions and Answers

Spanish-American War Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


American History Trivia Questions and Answers

What was The Spanish–American War?
A:  The Spanish-American War was a conflict in 1898 between Spain and the United States.

It was the result of American intervention in the what?
A:  Cuban War of Independence.

American attacks on Spain's Pacific possessions led to involvement in the Philippine Revolution and ultimately to what?
A: The Philippine–American War.

In the late 1890s, American public opinion was agitated by what?
A: Anti-Spanish propaganda led by journalists such as Joseph Pulitzer and William Hearst.

They used "what" to criticize the Spanish administration of Cuba?
A: Yellow journalism.

What ship mysteriously  sank in Havana harbor?
A: The American battleship Maine.

Pressure from the Democratic Party and certain industrialists pushed the Republican President William McKinley into a war he had wished to what?
A: Avoid.


The United States sent an ultimatum to Spain demanding it surrender control of what?
A: Cuba.

First Madrid, then Washington, formally declared what?
A: War.

The ten-week long war was fought where?
A: In both the Caribbean and the Pacific.

American naval power allowed U.S. expeditionary forces to disembark where?
A: In Cuba against a Spanish garrison already brought to its knees by nationwide Cuban insurgent attacks.

The Spanish garrison was further wasted by what illness?
A: Yellow fever.

Numerically superior Cuban, Philippine, and American forces obtained the surrender of whom?
A:  Santiago de Cuba and Manila.

The result was the 1898 Treaty of Paris, negotiated on terms favorable to who?
A: The U.S., which allowed temporary American control of Cuba.


The United States gained what?
A: Several island possessions spanning the globe.

The war began exactly fifty-two years after what other war began?
A:  Mexican-American War.

 It was one of only how many American wars to have been formally declared by Congress?
A: Five.

Before the Civil War Southern interests attempted to have the U.S. purchase Cuba and make it what?
A: New slave territory.

After the US Civil War and Cuba's Ten Years' War, US businessmen began monopolizing the devalued "what" in Cuba?
A: Sugar markets.

By 1894, what percentage of Cuba’s total exports went to the US.?
A: 90%.

 What percentage of Cuba’s imports came from the US.?
A:  40%.


Roosevelt served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1897–98 and was an aggressive supporter of what?
A: A war with Spain over Cuba.

The Cuba Libre movement had established offices in Florida and New York to do what?
A: Buy and smuggle weapons.

The first serious bid for Cuban independence, the Ten Years War, erupted in what year?
A: 1868 and was subdued by the authorities a decade later.

A revolutionary, José Martí, continued to promote what while he was in exile?
A: Cuban financial and political autonomy.

In early 1895, after years of organizing, Martí launched a what?
A: A three-pronged invasion of the island.

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