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War Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free printable war trivia questions with the answers.


War and Military Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


What is the subject of the reference book, " Janes Militaria "?
A: Ships Planes Guns etc

What middle eastern  country had the guns of Naverone installed?
A:  Turkey

Operation Olympic was a WW2 invasion plan not used because what country surrendered first?
A: Japan

What was the US signal in the Vietnam war to evacuate Saigon?
A:  Bing Crosby sang White Christmas on the Radio

In the U.S. civil war, what disease was incorrectly treated by using ink injections?
A:  Gonorrhea

What weapon stopped being used in the British Army in 1927?
A:  The Lance

Who took over the Red Baron's squadron after he was shot down?
A: Herman Goering

In WW2, in what city in France did the Germans surrender?
A:  Reims

The word  saboteur is derived from the French word sabot, which  means what?
A: Shoe

What was the name of the legless fighter pilot in WWII?
A:  Douglas Bader

George Armstrong Custer was court marshaled in 1867 for what?
A: He struck a fellow officer

In October 1939 what British battleship was sunk by torpedo with a loss of 800 lives?
A:  Royal Oak

In 1849,where was the world's first air raid from hot air balloons?
A:  Venice

Who was the American pilot shot down over Russia in 1960?
A:  Francis Garry Powers

The Germans call a WWI sea battle the "Battle of Skagerrak", but  what do they call it in the UK?
A:  Battle of Jutland

The German word Blitzkrieg means what, as used in WWII?
A: Lightning

Persian soldiers were paid with what in 1900?
A:  Donkeys

The title of whose book translates as "my struggle"?
A:  Adolf Hitler

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Mau Mau were terrorists in what country?
A:  Kenya

Ernest Swinton invented what weapon used in 1916?
A:  Tank