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Weapon and Gun Quiz Questions and Answers

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Weapon and gun Quiz

The Winchester brand of rifles were among the earliest what?
A: Repeating rifles.

Winchester brand repeater was highly popular and was known as "The Gun that Won the West" for its widespread use by who?
A: Western settlers.

The grooves most commonly used in modern rifling have fairly sharp what?
A: Edges.

The first Winchester rifle, the Winchester Model 1866 , was nicknamed what?
A: The "Yellow Boy" because of its receiver of a bronze/brass alloy.

The Winchester Model 1866 was known for its rugged construction and lever-action mechanism that allowed the rifleman to fire a number of shots before having to what?
A: Reload.

In 2013 Winchester brought back which iconic rifle?
A: Model 1873.

Which Winchester model was introduced to celebrate the American Centennial, and earned a reputation as a durable and powerful hunting rifle?
A: Model 1876.


A Winchester Model 1876 was found in the possession of what Apache warrior after his surrender in 1886?
A: Geronimo.

From the late Middle Ages onwards, warships began to carry what of various calibres?
A: Cannons.

The U.S. 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun can fire 20 rounds per minute with a range of how far?
A: 20 miles.

What is a bore snake?
A: A tool used to clean the barrel of a gun.

For purposes of gun safety, access to a functioning firearm can be prevented by keeping the firearm in what condition?
A: Disassembled.

In gun safety, what is a trigger lock used for?
A: To prevent the trigger from being pulled on a gun.

Often, guns will discharge if the gun is what?
A: Dropped.

When a firearm is discharged it emits a very loud noise that can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage such as what?
A: Tinnitus.


When discharged, a firearm can emit hot gases, powder, and other what?
A: High velocity debris.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic guns, can eject what at high speed?
A: Spent cartridges.

Spent shell casings can be what when ejected?
A: Dangerously hot.

In gun safety, what can include a failure to fire, a delayed fire, or an incomplete discharge?
A: A misfire.

A mechanical malfunction of a gun is typically called a what?
A: Jam.

Access to guns is a major risk factor for youth what?
A: Suicide.

The Minie ball, was a type of muzzle-loading rifle bullet that came to prominence in what wars?
A: American Civil War and the Crimean War.


Helical rifling grooves in the barrel of a gun impart spin to the projectile around its long axis which gyroscopically stabilizes the projectile, improving its what?
A: Aerodynamic stability and accuracy.

What were smoothbore, large caliber weapons using ball-shaped ammunition fired at relatively low velocity called?
A: Muskets.

With muskets, the ball was a loose fit in the barrel and thus the projectile was not very what?
A: Accurate.

With a shotgun, what is the choke?
A: A tapered constriction of a shotgun barrel's bore at the muzzle end.

A bullet designed to expand on impact is often called a what?
A: Dum-dum.

In a bullet, what is the jacket?
A: A metal covering, usually copper, wrapped around a lead core.

A firearms malfunction where a fired bullet does not have enough force for it to exit the barrel, so it gets stuck in the barrel is called a what?
A: Squib.

A device that attaches to the barrel of a gun to reduce noise and flash generated when firing it is called a what?
A: Silencer or sound suppressor.

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