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Maine Trivia Quiz Questions about the State of Maine

Trivia quiz questions about Maine with answers


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Maine is both the northernmost and easternmost portion of what region?
A:  New England.

What is Maine's largest town by population?
A: Brunswick.

Maine is the number one exporter of what agricultural product?
A: Low-bush blueberries.

Where was the first European settlement in Maine in 1604, by the French?
A: Saint Croix Island.

Maine is the only US state whose name has exactly one what?
A: Syllable.

Who established the first English settlement in Maine?
A:  The Plymouth Company in 1607.

What is Maine's State fish?
A: Land-locked salmon.


Before 1820 Maine was part of the what?
A: Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Based in Maine, the Jackson Laboratory is the world's largest supplier of what?
A:  Genetically purebred mice.

On what date was Main admitted to the Union as the 23rd state?
A:  On March 15, 1820.

What is the State flower?
A:  White Pinecone and Tassel.

What is the smallest town in Maine by population?
A:  Frye Island, a resort town .

What is the State bird?
A:  Black-capped Chickadee.

Of all the US states, Maine has the highest percentage of what?
A: French Americans.


Where was the Strong Wood Products plant, the largest toothpick manufacturing plant in the United States which produced 20 million toothpicks a day, located?
A: In Strong, Maine.

Where does Maine rank in population in relation to the other US states?
A:  It's the 41st most populous.

What is Maine's State fossil?
A:  Pertica Quadrifaria.

What is Maine's State cat?
A:  Maine Coon.

 As far as crime rates go, many people think Maine is the what?
A:  Safest state in the U.S.

Maine is the northernmost state in New England and Main is also the what?
A: The largest.

Maine is the only state to border exactly one other state. What is the state that it borders?
A:  New Hampshire .


What is the State gemstone?
A:  Tourmaline.

What is the easternmost city in the United States and located in Maine?
A: Eastport .

What is Maine's smallest city by population?
A: Eastport .

What is Maine's most northern point?
A:  Estcourt Station.

In Maine, what is the largest lake located entirely in New England?
A:  Moosehead Lake.

What is Maine's State herb?
A:  Wintergreen.

Mount Katahdin is the northern terminus of the what?
A:  Appalachian Trail.


Machias Seal Island and North Rock, off Maine's easternmost point, are claimed by both the U.S. and what other country?
A: Canada.

What was the population of Maine on July 1, 2013?
A: was 1,328,30.

What is the State insect?
A:  European honey bee

Main is home to the Old Sow, the largest "what" in the Western Hemisphere?
A: Tidal whirlpool.

As far as population goes, Maine has the lowest population density of any U.S. state  where?
A: East of the Mississippi River.

How much of Maine's land is covered by forest?
A: 83%.

What is Maine's State mammal?
A:  Moose.


Maine has the highest percentage of people that speak what language while at home?
A: French.

What is the State dessert?
A:  Blueberry pie .

How many miles of coastline does Maine have?
A: Almost 230 miles.

What is the State soft drink?
A: Moxie.

What is the largest municipality in Maine by population?
A: The city of Portland .

What is is the easternmost piece of land in the contiguous 48 United States?
A: West Quoddy Head.

Maine's geomorphology was shaped primarily by "what" at the end of the last ice age?
A: Heavy glacial activity.


Somes Sound in Maine is the only "what" on the eastern seaboard?
A: fjord.

 What is the State song?
A:  State of Maine Song.

Bubble Rock, a "glacial erratic", is a large boulder perched on the edge of what mountain in Acadia National Park.?
A: Bubble Mountain .

Maine's record all time high temperature is what?
A:  105 °F, set in July 1911, at North Bridgton.

What is the average number of tornadoes in Maine, per year?
A: Less than 2.

What is the record low temperature for Maine?
A: −50 °F, at Big Black River, in January 2009.

The French established a Jesuit mission on Penobscot Bay in what year?
A:  1609.


Where did the French establish a Jesuit Mission in 1613?
A: On Mount Desert Island.

What is the State tree?
A:  Eastern White Pine.

What was Maine's original capital before  it was moved to Augusta in 1832?
A:   Portland.

How many navy ships have been named "USS Maine" in honor of the state?
A: Four.

Where is the mean population center of Maine?
A: Kennebec County.

What are Maine's two largest airports?
A: The Portland International Jetport in Portland, and the Bangor International Airport in Bangor.

How many counties does Main have?
A: 16.

What is Maine's State berry?
A:  Wild Blueberry.

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