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1911 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about 1911 with the answers.


Trivia Questions With Answers From Year 1911

The First Industrial Airplane Show was held in conjunction with what other show at Manhattan’s Grand Central Palace in New York?
A: The U.S. International Auto Show.

Mr. Charles W. Chappelle (1872–1941), a member of the U.S. Aeronautical Reserve, was the only what to invent and display an airplane for which he won a medal?
A: African-American.

An earthquake of 7.7 moment magnitude strikes near Almaty in Russian Turkestan, killing how many people?
A: 450 or more.

What fraternity was founded at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana?
A: Kappa Alpha Psi.

Eugene B. Ely lands on the deck of the USS Pennsylvania stationed in San Francisco harbor, marking what?
A: The first time an aircraft lands on a ship.

The United States and Canada announced the successful negotiation of their what?
A: First reciprocal trade agreement.

The Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri is entirely destroyed by fire after what happened?
A: A bolt of lightning struck the dome.


The revolution in Haiti was suppressed after the leader, General Montreuil Guillaume was what?
A: Captured by government troops and shot

The Lincoln Memorial Commission is established to find an ideal site for what?
A: The proposed Lincoln Memorial.

What Croatian football club is founded?
A: HNK Hajduk Split, a.

The first "quasi-official" airmail flight occurs when Fred Wiseman carries three letters between where?
A: Petaluma and Santa Rosa, California.

The first official air mail flight, second overall, takes place from Allahabad, India to Naini, India, when Henri Pequet carries what?
A: 6,500 letters a distance of 13 km.

In March, what is celebrated for the first time?
A: International Women's Day.

What factory fire in New York City kills 146 people?
A: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

The United States Army adopts a new service pistol, the M1911 designed by whom?

A:  John Browning. It remains the US service pistol for 74 years.

Who leads his Fourth Symphony premiere in Helsinki?
A: Jean Sibelius.

Who  discovers Superconductivity?
A: Heike Kamerlingh Onnes.

When did he present his findings?
A: On April 28, 1911.

Rebels take what town on the Sonora–Arizona border?
A: Agua Prieta.

What uprising takes place in China?
A: The Huanghuagang Uprising.

Pancho Villa launches an attack against government troops in what city without Madero's permission?
A: Ciudad Juárez, the government troops surrender on May 10.


Over 300 Chinese residents are massacred by whom?
A: The revolutionary forces of Francisco I. Madero in the Mexican city of Torreón.

May 17 – Mexican Revolution: Porfirio Díaz is convinced to resign but does not do so yet.

May 21 – Mexican Revolution: A peace treaty is signed between Madero' rebels and government troops in Ciudad Juárez.

The very first Indianapolis 500 is won by whom?
A: Ray Harroun at an average speed of 74.59 miles per hour.

Where is the hull of the RMS Titanic launched?
A: In Belfast.

Francisco Madero arrives in Mexico City just after a what?
A: A local earthquake.

George V is crowned what?
A: King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions.

In July, the presence of the German warship Panther in the Moroccan port of Agadir triggers what?
A: The Agadir Crisis.

Hiram Bingham rediscovers what in Peru?
A: Machu Picchu.


Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre museum in Paris by whom?
A:  Vincenzo Peruggia.

In September, where does the French Navy ship Liberté explode?
A: At anchor in Toulon, France, killing around 300 on both ship and the neighboring area.

Italy declares war on who?
A: The Ottoman Empire.

The liberal leader Karl Staaff returns as Prime Minister of what country?
A: Sweden.

The Wuchang Uprising starts the Xinhai Revolution that leads to the founding of what?
A: The Republic of China.

World's first combat aerial bombing mission takes place in Libya during what war?
A: The Italo-Turkish War. Second Lieutenant Giulio Gavotti of Italy drops several small bombs.

In November, the Treaty of Berlin brings the what crisis to a close?
A: Agadir Crisis.

Roald Amundsen reaches what?
A: The South Pole

Sun Yat-sen is elected the Provisional President of what?
A: The Republic of China.

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