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Interesting Cat & Kitten Trivia Questions

Trivia quiz questions about Cats and Kittens with answers.


Interesting Cat & Kitten Trivia Questions

How long does a cat typically stay in heat?
A: Five days.

In Ancient Rome, what animal was the symbol of liberty?
A: The cat.

MGM movies used what kind of cat to introduce its movies?
A: Lion.

What was Felix the cat's girlfriend's name?
A: Phyllis.

What is the name of the cartoon character cat that chases Tweety Pie in vain?
A: Sylvester.

The song Memory comes from what stage musical?
A: Cats.

What did Otto Messmer create?
A: Felix the cat.


Of an adult domestic cats 30 teeth, how many are canines?
A: 4.

Cats are unable to detect what taste?
A: Sweet.

Squirrels rear their young in a nest called a drey, what are its young called?
A: Kittens.

What actor starred in The Black Camel, Black Dragons, Black Friday, The Black Sheep, and two movies called The Black Cat?
A: Bela Lugosi.

What are the names of the two Siamese cats in the 1955 Disney movie Lady and the Tramp?
A: Si and Am.

What actress had to wear 63 different catsuits as catwoman in Batman returns?
A: Michelle Pfeiffer.

Cat woman in Batman was based on which 1930s screen legend?
A: Jean Harlow.


What was the name of the cat first featured in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?
A: Morris the Cat.

What year was it that Al Stewart's Year of The Cat made the charts?
A: 1977.

Lloyd Webber's musical "Cats" was billed as what?
A: Now and forever.

What country music star appeared in Sex Kittens Go To College in 1960?
A: Conway Twitty.

What phrase is inscribed on the tombstone of Mel Blanc, the Man of 1,000 voices including Tweetee pie, Sylvester the Cat, Porky Pig, and Bugs Bunny?
A: That's all folks.

Who was the voice of Choo Choo in Top Cat?
A: Marvin Kaplan.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera launched their cartooning career with what cat and mouse?
A: Tom and Jerry.


What cartoon cat was the first cartoon character licensed for commercial use?
A: Felix the Cat.

Who was officer Dibble in the Top Cat cartoons?
A: The neighborhood police officer.

A baby rabbit is called a what?
A: a kit or kitten.

What is cat gut as used in stringed instruments?
A:  Not from cats, but from the intestines of sheep, horses, and other animals.

What is the fist size in inches of James "Big Cat" Williams of the Chicago Bears?
A: 14-1/2 inches.

According to Hollywood Henderson, what Steelers quarterback couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the C and the A?
A: Terry Bradshaw.

What are baby beavers called?
A: Kits or Kittens.

When its rules were originally written down in 1895, what was the name of what we now call softball?
A: Kitten ball.

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