Trivia Questions With Answers!

Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Fun cartoon trivia questions and answers.


Cartoon Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers
What was the last item shown on British TV before World War II?
A:  Mickey Mouse.

What comic strip character is the most filmed?
A:  Zorro

Olive Oyls boyfriend before Popeye was whom?
A: Ham Gravy

On the Flintstones, what kind of dinosaur was Dino?
A: A snorkasaurus

In Disney's 1973 animated Robin Hood what type of animal was Robin?
A: A Fox.

If Speedy Gonzales was fastest mouse in all of Mexico, who was the slowest?
A:  Slowpoke Rodriquez

In the cartoon series, the Flintstones, what was the Great Gazoo?
A: An Alien.

In the Tom and Jerry cartoons what was the name of the other mouse?
A: Nibbles or Tuffy.

Disney added what character to Winnie the Pooh that was not in the book?
A:  Gopher.

Dino was Fred Flintstone's pet, but who was Barnie's pet?
A: Hoppy.

What was superhero Green Lantern vulnerable to?
A:  Anything Yellow

On Scooby Doo what was Shaggys real name?
A:  Norville

What is a feline according to Homer Simpson?
A:  An Elephant.

What was the first animated film to be nominated for a best picture Oscar?
A:  Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Who produced the Tom and Jerry cartoons until 1956?
A:  Fred Quimby

Mr. Magoo, the short sighted cartoon character, had a nephew named what?
A: Waldo

What did Sylvester the Cat win?
A: An Academy Award

Bob, Wally, Alice and Asok can be found in which cartoon comic strip?
A:  Dilbert

Rocky and Bullwinkle's enemies are Boris Badenov and whom?
A: Natasha Fatale

Crystal City in Texas put up a statue of what cartoon character Popeye?
A: They grow spinach

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