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Disney Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers For Kids

Disney trivia questions and answers about Disney movies and more!


Disney Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers For Kids

How are Frozone, Syndrome and Bomb Voyage connected?
A: They are characters from Disney's animated cartoon The Incredibles.

In Disney's Ratatouilie, what is the nasty restaurant critic's name, voiced by Peter O' Tool?
A: Anton Ego.

What was the name of the Disney cartoon character who sang "I've Got No Strings?
A: Pinocchio.

An owl named Archimedes is featured in which Disney film?
A: The Sword in the Stone.

In Disney's Fun and Fancy free, what does Bongo the bear ride?
A: A unicycle.

Orville the albatross can be found in which of Disney's cartoon features?
A: The Rescuers.

In the Disney cartoon feature Robin Hood, what was the name of the snake?
A: Sir Hiss.


In the Disney film Aladdin, who did the voice for the character of Jasmine?
A: Linda Larkin.

In 1928 who registered Mickey Mouse as a trademark?
A: Walt Disney.

The Whale's name in Disney's Pinocchio is what?
A: Monstro.

In Basil, The great Mouse Detective, what kind of creature is Fidget?
A: He is a bat.

What is the hound named in Disney's The Fox and The Hound?
A: Copper.

What is the connection between the films Bambi, Perri and The Shaggy Dog?
A: They are all based on books written Felix Salten.

In Bambi, what word is used to describe animals in love?
A: Twitterpated.


According to Walt, what Hollywood movie star was his inspiration for the witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
A: Joan Crawford.

When Lady and the Tramp dine together, what is the romantic song playing?
A: Bella Notte.

The song Under the Sea come is featured in which Disney cartoon?
A: The little Mermaid.

Disney's The Adventures of Ichavod and Mr. Toad was later remade as what?
A: Sleepy Hollow.

What kind of birds sing "When I See an Elephant Fly" from Disney's animated cartoon Dumbo?
A: Crows.

I'll Make  Man Out of You was a song in which 1998 Disney animation?
A: Mulan.

In Dumbo, what is the name of the mouse who befriends Dumbo?
A: Timothy.


In Beauty and the Beast, what is "Beauty's" actual name?
A: Belle.

What Disney movie has a married couple called Roger and Anita Radcliffe?
A: 101 Dalmatians.

In The Jungle Book, what is the name of the snake?
A: Kaa.

What does the magician Merlin turn young Wart into in The Sword and the Stone?
A:  Fish.

In Jungle Book, what type of birds sing "That's What Friends Are For"?
A: Vultures.

In what cartoon feature would one find Timothy Q Mouse?
A: Dumbo.

Tangled is based on which of the Grimms' fairy tales?
A: Rapunzel.

Walt Disney's Pluto is what kind of animal?
A: Dog.

In Cinderella, what kind of animal is Lucifer?
A: Cat.

In Fantasia, which regular Disney character appears?
A: Mickey Mouse.

What song is featured in Disney's Bambi?
A: Little April Showers.

In their mines, what do the seven dwarfs dig for?
A: Diamonds.

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