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Love Song Trivia Questions with Answers

Love song trivia quiz questions with answers.


Love Song Trivia Questions with Answers

In 1972, who took his Burning Love into the charts?
A: Elvis Presley.

In 1988 what British singer had a hit tune "Groovy Kind of Love"?
A: Phil Collins.

What three words came just before "land that I love" in the 1938 Irving Berlin song?
A: God bless America.

What female singer achieved a top ten hit with Another Sad Love Song?
A: Toni Braxton.

Who was performing the song Love Sick at a Grammy Awards when it was crashed by a dancing wacko?
A: Bob Dylan.

In its tribute to AIDS-victim Freddie Mercury, what band included Too Much Love Will Kill You on its Made in Heaven album?
A: Queen.

In 1994, who scored his first platinum album since 1978 with "The Icon Is Love" ?
A: Barry White.


I Don't Know How To Love Him comes from what show?
A: Jesus Christ Superstar.

What kind of Bites provided Def Leppard with a number one single hit?
A: Love.

The Beatles' All You Need Is Love from  the 60s began with what?
A: The French National Anthem.

What is the only track with a foreign title on Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love album?
A: Amar Haciendo El Amor.

Who had a number one hit with When A Man Loves A Woman?
A: Michael Bolton.

What was the title of the Eagles' first number one single?
A: Best Of My Love.

What was Bon Jovi's first number one hit?
A: You Give Love A Bad Name.


What was the first single to be No 1 for 14 weeks?
A: I Will Always Love you.

What song was the second Number 1 hit for the Doors?
A: Hello I Love You.

What song took over from as number 1 following Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You?
A: A Whole New World.

What line comes right before "I've got love in my tummy"?
A: Yummy yummy yummy.

What superstar had an early 90s hit with I will Always Love You?
A: Whitney Houston.

What was the name of the band that sang I Want to Know What Love Is?
A: Foreigner.

Who sang Saving All My Love For You?
A: Whitney Houston.


What was Mariah Carey's first British top ten hit?
A: Vision Of Love.

Which superstar singer had a 1980 hit with Woman In Love?
A: Barbra Streisand.

Who made the charts with an old Supremes song, You Can't Hurry Love?
A: Phil Collins.

Paul Mauriat had a big 60s instrumental hit. What was it?
A: Love is Blue.

Who were the singers in the Stylistics?
A: Russell Thompkins, Herbie Murrell, and Airron Love.

What big hit made number 1 the following week after Green Tambourine was on top?
A: Love is Blue.

What artist took the song Part-Time Lover to No.1 in the 1950s?
A: Stevie Wonder.

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