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Easy Kids Trivia Questions and Answers About Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast trivia quiz questions and answers.


Easy Kids Trivia Questions and Answers About Beauty and The Beast

An enchantress who is disguised as an old beggar offers a prince a rose in exchange for what?
A: Shelter in his castle from the cold.

What does the prince do?
A: He arrogantly refuses to give the enchantress shelter.

The enchantress transforms him into a what?
A: A beast.

What does the enchantress do to the Prince’s servants?
A: Turns them into household items.

What magic item does the enchantress give to the prince?
A:  A magic mirror and the enchanted rose that she had offered.

What does the magic mirror do?
A: It enables the prince to se far away events.

What must the prince do to break the curse?
A: The prince must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the rose's last petal falls.


What happens to the prince if he fails?
A: He will remain a beast forever.

Ten years later, a young bookworm named Belle is what?
A: Bored with her village and she wants to find some excitement.

Due to her nonconformist ways, she is ridiculed by everyone but her father Maurice and who?
A: An arrogant, muscular hunter named Gaston.

Why is Gaston determined to marry Belle?
A: To confirm his superiority.

What does Belle repeatedly do?
A: Rejects his advances.

What happens to Maurice and his horse Phillipe in the forest?
A: They get lost.

Who chases Maurice and his horse in the forest?
A: A pack of wolves.


What does Maurice find in the forest?
A:  The Beast's castle.

 Who does he meet in the castle?
A:  Lumière the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock, Mrs. Potts the teapot, and her son Chip the teacup.

What does the Beast do when he discovers Maurice?
A: Holds him captive.

Maurice’s horse Phillipe leads Belle where?
A: To the Beast's castle, where she offers to take her father's place.

What does the Beast do?
A: He accepts the offer despite Maurice's objections.

The Beast angrily refuses to let Belle have any dinner that night after she does what?
A: Refuses to dine with him.

The Beast accidentally chases her into the forests by frightening her and she encounters what?
A: The pack of wolves.


The Beast is injured while doing what?
A: Saving Belle from the wolves.

The beast begins to develop feelings for Belle while she does what?
A: Belle nurses his wounds from the wolves.

While sharing a romantic evening together, what does Belle tell the Beast?
A: That she misses her father.

The beast lets her use his magic mirror to see him and what does she see?
A:  Maurice dying in the woods trying to rescue her.

The Beast allows her to save Maurice and he gives her the “what” to remember him by?
A: The magic mirror.

As Gaston is about to take Maurice to the insane asylum, what does Belle do?
A: She proves that Maurice is sane by showing the Beast with the magic mirror.

Gaston realizes that Belle loves the Beast, and so he convinces the band of villagers that the Beast is a what?
A: A man-eating monster and leads them to the castle to kill him.


Gaston then confines Belle and Maurice to what?
A: Their basement.

Chip had hidden Belle's baggage, and manages to do what?
A: He frees Belle and Maurice.

Gaston confronts the Beast while the servants fend off whom?
A: The villagers.

The Beast battles and defeats Gaston in battle on the rooftops, but does what?
A: Spares his life by ordering him to leave.

When the Beast reunites with Belle, what does Gaston do?
A: Stabs him, only to lose his footing and die.

Belle professes her love for the Beast, who does what?
A: He dies before the last rose petal falls.

With the spell broken, what happens next?
A: The Beast and the servants all revert into their human form.

What is the last thing Belle does?
A: Dances with the Prince that used to be the beast in the ballroom.

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