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Bands Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

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Bands Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Which band recorded the album The Joshua Tree?
A: U2.

In the 70s who put a Message In A Bottle?
A: Police.

Which band had a big hit with You Make Me Wanna?
A: Usher.

Money For Nothing was an 80s NO 1 for which band?
A: Dire Straits

Which Dimension had a 60s smash with Aquarius?
A: 5th Dimension.

Which US Boys band featured three members of the Wilson Family?
A: The Beach Boys.

Keith Richards rocked on in which super group?
A: The Rolling Stones.


Who was backed by The Shondells?
A: Tommy James.

How many boys were there in The Pet Shop Boys?
A: Two.

Who fronted The Heartbreakers?
A: Tom Petty.

Which heavy metal group took the name of Dutch-born members guitarist Eddie and drummer Alex?
A: Van Halen

Which 60s icon was backed by The Band?
A: Bob Dylan.

Which band included Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel?
A: Genesis.

Mickey Dolenz was in which 60s sensation group?
A: The Monkees.


In which state did Chicago get together?
A: Illinois.

Which band produced the album Dark Side Of The Moon?
A: Pink Floyd

Which group flew into the Hotel California?
A: The Eagles.

R.E.M. cut the No 1 album Out Of what?
A: Time.

Which band recorded the album Parallel Lines?
A: Blondie.

Which band sang I want to Know What Love Is?
A: Foreigner.


How many brothers were in the original Jackson family line up?
A: Five.

Tusk was a best-selling album for which band?
A: Fleetwood Mac.

What did the letter O stand for in ELO?
A: Orchestra.

Whose hits include Bad Moon Rising and Green River?
A: Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Which all time great band featured Harrison and Starkey?
A: The Beatles.

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