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Jackson 5 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free Jackson Five trivia quiz questions about the Jackson 5 singing group.


Jackson 5 Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who were the Jackson 5?
A: The Jackson 5 are an American popular music family group.

Where were the Jackson 5 from?
A: Gary, Indiana.

When did the group form?
A: It was formed in 1964.

What name was the group formed under?
A: The Jackson Brothers.

Who were the founding members?
A: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael.

The group entered the professional music scene in 1967 signing with what record company?
A: Steeltown Records.

They released two singles before signing with who?
A: Motown in 1969.


In 1964, Joe Jackson caught his son Tito playing with his what?
A: Guitar after a string broke.

Tito's dad had him play, and was so impressed that he did what?
A: Bought Tito his own guitar.

Tito, Jermaine and Jackie showed an interest in what?
A: Singing and formed their own group.

In 1966, where did the group win a talent show?
A: At Gary's Theodore Roosevelt High School.

After several more talent show wins, Joe booked his sons to perform at several respected music venues of what circuit?
A: Chitlin'.

In 1967, at what two venues did they win the talent competition?
A: Chicago's Regal Theater and Harlem's Apollo Theater.

After they won the Apollo contest on August 13, 1967, singer Gladys Knight sent a tape of the boys' demo to what record company?
A: Motown Records, who rejected the tape.


In November of 1967, the group signed a deal with Steeltown Records, where they recorded and released what two singles?
A:  "(I'm A) Big Boy" and "We Don't Have to Be Over 21".

During early 1968, the brothers also performed at what, on Joe's behest, to earn extra income?
A: Strip clubs.

Starting in August, they performed as the opening act for what group?
A: The Supremes.

In October, their first single, "I Want You Back" was released and the group promoted it while performing where?
A: At the Hollywood Palace with Diana Ross hosting.

In December, the brothers made their first appearance on what TV show?
A: The Ed Sullivan Show.

In January 1970, "I Want You Back" topped the what?
A: Billboard Hot 100.

The Jackson 5 then released  what two number-one singles?
A:  "ABC" and "The Love You Save".


What song became the band's fourth number-one single?
A: I'll Be There.

That made them the first recording group to what?
A: Have their first four singles reach the top of the Hot 100.

Releasing a succession of four albums in one year, the Jackson 5 replaced what act as Motown's best-selling group?
A: The Supremes.

They continued their success with singles such as "Mama's Pearl", "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Sugar Daddy", giving them a total of how many top ten singles within a two-year period?
A: Seven.

The Jackson 5 appeared in several television specials including what Diana Ross special?
A: Diana Ross' 1971 special, Diana!.

Later that September, they starred on what Motown-oriented television special?
A:  Goin' Back to Indiana.

Their second TV special, The Jackson 5 Show, debuted when?
A: In November of 1972.

During the Vietnam War period, the group was often joined by whom on USO-benefited performances to support military troops?
A: Bob Hope.

Motown launched Michael Jackson's solo career in 1971, with what single?
A: "Got to Be There," released in November of that year.

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