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Best Miscellaneous Music Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free fun miscellaneous music trivia quiz with answers about bands, singer, songs, and more.


Best Miscellaneous Music Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Which No 1 for the Beatles contains the line "life is very short?"
A: We Can Work It Out.

Who sang about Bad Girls and Hot Stuff?
A: Donna Summer.

Which superstar fronted The Nomads and Blackjack before going solo?
A: Michael Bolton.

Which Lionel sang with The Commodores?
A: Richie.

Which group had No 1s with Holding Back the Years and If You Don't Know Me by Now?
A: Simply Red.

What is the other word in the title of The Pina Colada Song?
A: Escape.

Herbie Murrell, Russell Thompkins and Airron Love sang in which group?
A: Stylistics.


Which female artist was the first to achieve 32 consecutive UK top ten hits?
A: Madonna.

Who had 80s hits with The Hat Is On and We Belong to The City?
A: Glenn Frey.

What was the only 60 No 1 for the Buckinghams?
A: What A Drag.

Who searched for A Heart Of Gold?
A: Neil Young.

Who was posthumously awarded a Lifetime achievement Grammy in 1996?
A: Marvin Gaye.

What was the title of the first album from The Spice Girls?
A: Spice.

What did the B stand for in New Kids act NKOTB?
A: Block.


Which English Cathedral topped the charts in the 60s?
A: Winchester Cathedral.

Which female singer had a big hit with Misty Blue?
A: Dorothy Moore.

In which year did 1999 chart as a singles hit for Prince?
A: 1983.

Who was lead singer with 70s group The Raspberries?
A: Eric Carman.

Who had a 60s No 1 with Wild Thing?
A: Troggs.

Rascals started making hits under which name?
A: The Young Rascals.

Which all girl group had 80s No 1s with Walk Like An Egyptian and Eternal flame?
A: Bangles.


Which artist has spent most weeks in the UK top ten?
A: Elvis Presley.

Alan, Jay and Donny were part of which 70s group?
A: The Osmond's.

Which Belinda sang that Heaven Is A Place On Earth?
A: Carlisle.

Which No 1 of the 60s had Tuesday in the title?
A: Ruby Tuesday.

What was the last top ten hit for Three Dog Night?
A: The Show Must Go On.

What was the second No 1 for Mr. Mister?
A: Kyrie.

Who made No 1 with Shake You Down in the 1980s?
A: Gregory Abbott.


After "Walk Right In what was the next No 1 to start the title with Walk?
A: Walk Like A Man.

What kind of Man gave Sammy Davis Jr. a No 1?
A: Candy.

Which song was a No 1 hit for both The Marvelettes and the Carpenters?
A: Please Mr. Postman.

Who was the first group to hold the top two US and UK album places on the week of release?
A: Guns 'N Roses.

Who first charted as a solo performer with Careless Whisper?
A: George Michael.

What goes after Milli in the name of the late 80s act?
A: Vanilli.

Which No 1 hit starts "Love, Love, Love"?
A: All You Need Is Love.

Which long-running No 1 had the line, "I suppose I could collect my books and go back to school?"
A: Maggie May.

Who was the first UK male to score two US top ten hits?
A: Lonnie Donegan.

Who had a 70s No 1 with Pick Up The Pieces?
A: Average White Band.

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