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Hollywood Trivia Questions With Answers

Hollywood movie trivia quiz questions with answers.


Hollywood Trivia Questions With Answers

For which film did Callie Khouri win an Oscar in 1991 for screenplay?
A: Thelma and Louise.

Who eventually played the part Kate Winslet went for in Sense & Sensibility?
A: Imogen Stubbs.

Who said, "I knew that with a mouth like mine I just had to be a star or something?"
A: Barbra Streisand.

The title of the movie In Which We Serve comes from which book?
A: The Book of Common Prayer.

Which late 90s movie starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?
A: The Runaway Bride.

Which French sex symbol became an animal rights campaigner later in her life?
A: Brigitte Bardot.

Who was the first British actor in the 90s to win the Best Actor Oscar?
A: Daniel Day-Lewis.


In Reversal of Fortune what is the name of Claus's wife whom he is found guilty of attempting to murder?
A: Sunny.

About which film did Victor Fleming say, "This picture is going to be one of the biggest white elephants of all time?"
A: Gone With The Wind.

What type of shop does Wendowlene own in A Close Shave?
A: Wool.

Which actress appeared on the cinema poster for Titanic?
A: Kate Winslet.

Who was the first woman to receive an Oscar for acting and scripting?
A: Emma Thompson.

During the making of which film did Grace Kelly meet Prince Rainier of Monaco thus ending her Hollywood career?
A: To Catch A Thief.

"Mean, Moody, Magnificent" was the slogan used to advertise which film?
A: The Outlaw.


Which country singer stared in 9 to 5?
A: Dolly Parton.

Which actress has children called Scout and Rumer from her marriage to Bruce Willis?
A: Demi Moore.

Who failed to win an Oscar after six nominations but received an honorary award in 1993?
A: Deborah Kerr.

What was included inside the wooden horse for Helen of Troy to make the actors more comfortable?
A: Air Conditioning.

In which film did Mae West say, "Why don't you come up some time and see me?"
A: She Done Him Wrong.

Which star of Three Men and a Baby had appeared in Cheers?
A: Ted Danson.

Melanie Griffith married which star of Evita an The Mask of Zorro?
A: Antonio Banderas.


Who was the first actress to win an Oscar for playing the role of an Oscar nominee?
A: Maggie Smith.

In which film is Vince LaRocca the gangster boyfriend of Deloris?
A: Sister Act.

What was the first word in Citizen Kane?
A: Rosebud.

Where does the most infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally take place?
A: Restaurant.

For which role did Michelle Pfeiffer wear 63 catsuits in Batman returns?
A: Catwoman.

In 1990 who won an achievement Oscar with Myrna Loy?
A: Sophia Loren.


Who said, "I'm old. I'm young. I'm intelligent. I'm stupid?"
A: Warren Beatty.

What was the name of the very first sci fi movie, made in 1902?
A: Voyage to the Moon.

Who was the male star of The Witches of Eastwick who famously said "I'm a horny little devil?"
A: Jack Nicholson.

In which 1979 film with Bo Derek was the title simply a number?
A: 10.

In 1982 who won a special award for 50 years  of film making?
A: Micky Rooney.