Hollywood Trivia Questions and Answers

Hollywood trivia quiz questions with answers


Hollywood Trivia Questions and Answers

Which 1997 film was the then most successful British movie of all time?
A: The Full Monty.

Who starred in Mermaids and sang The Shoop Shoop Song?
A: Cher.

Robert de Niro was Oscar-nominated for his portrayal of which ex-con in Cape Fear?
A: Max Cady.

Which Hollywood Couple called one of their children Dakota May?
A: Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

What was the motto of MGM?
A: Ars Gratia Artis.

Mike Nichols' The Birdcage was a remake of which musical?
A: La Cage aux Folles.

Which pop star Lisa made her movie debut in Swing?
A: Stanfield.

Whose Oscar was sold in 1994 for over half a million dollars?
A: Sister Act.


In 1986 which film had 11 nominations and won nothing?
A: The Color Purple.

In Bringing Up Baby, what is Baby?
A: Leopard.

In which 80s film did Arnold Schwarzenegger play Danny De Vito's brother?
A: Twins.

Which Ms Smith played the Mother Superior opposite Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act?
A: Maggie.

Which director of Madonna's Vogue video directed Alien 3?
A: David Fincher.

Who was the oldest winner of the Best Actress Oscar in the 20th century?
A: Jessica Tandy.

What are the final words of The Face of Fu Manchu?
A: The world shall hear from me again.


Which 1988 film with Michelle Pfeiffer was about Mafia wives?
A; Married to the Mob.

In The Seven Year Itch whose white skirt is billowing around because of hot air blowing up from a grating?
A: Marilyn Monroe.

What was the third sequel to Child's Play?
A: Bride of Chucky.

Which film won the Best Film Oscar on the 60th anniversary of the awards?
A: Rain Man.

"It was beauty killed the beast" was the last line of which film?
A: King Kong.

Who played the private eye hired by Roger Rabbit?
A: Bob Hoskins.

In the first Pink Panther movie, what is the Pink Panther?
A: Diamond.


How is Mary Elizabeth Spacek known in the film world?
A: Sissy.

"Who played Judy, Doralee and Violet's boss in 9 to 5?
A: Dabney Coleman.

Who was Oscar-nominated in the same year as her daughter?
A: Diane Ladd.

Which company used the slogan "A Diamond is Forever" which Ian 'Fleming used for the book-turned-movie Diamonds Are Forever?
A: De Beers.

Which Monty Python film contains the song Always Look on the Bright Side of Lifer?
A: The Life of Brian.

Which superstar was nicknamed "The Swedish Sphinx"?
A: Greta Garbo.

Which Clint Eastwood film had the highest stuntman ration?
A: The Rookie.


What was Best Picture of the year of the second Los Angeles Olympics?
A: Amadeus.

Which wife of Laurence Olivier appeared in 101 Dalmatians?
A: Joan Plowright.

Demi Moore in G.I. Jane shaved what?
A: Heads.

The documentary Hearts of Darkness told of the making of which film?
A: Apocalypse Now.

What causes Goldie Hawn's husband to die in Private Benjamin?
A: A heart attack.

Which actress who starred in Fatal Attraction won a Tony for her role in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway?
A: Glenn Close.


Whose slogan was "More stars than there are in heaven"?

Which member of the Arquette family starred in Desperately Seeking Susan with Madonna?
A: Rosanna.

Which wife of Paul Newman was Tom Hanks' mother in Philadelphia?
A: Joanne Woodward.

Who was Tatum O'Neal's equestrian coach in International velvet?
A: Marcia Williams.

Who scripted as well as starring in A Fish Called Wanda?
A: John Cleese.