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World Trivia

What city is located on the Hooghly river?
A:  Calcutta.

A duffer is Australian slang for what?
A:  Cattle Thief

In what country could you spend a Kwanza?
A:   Angola    

What's the world's most popular brand of malt whiskey?
A:  Glenfiddich.

There is a temple in Sri-Lanka is dedicated to what body part?
A:  Buddha's tooth.

What is the longest river in France?
A: Loire.

What South American country has no public toilets?
A: Peru


In Portugal,  what  dance means the snapping of a whip?
A: Lambada

What's the term for the geographical dividing line between North and South Korea?
A:  38th Parallel

How is the Olympic torch lit in Greece?
A: By the sun

Operation Dracula in World Warr II freed what city?
A:  Rangoon Burma.

Brazil nuts come from what country?
A:  Bolivia.

What liqueur means cupid in Italian and love in Latin?
A:  Amaretto.

What nations national flag has the biggest animal emblem, a lion?
A:  Sri Lanka


Where did the name "Europe" come from?
A:  Greek Mythology

 Victoria falls is the biggest tourist attraction in what country?
A:  Zambia

All windmills turn counter clockwise except where?
A:  Ireland

International car registration letters for what country is "IS"?
A:  Iceland

Which country spends the largest percentage on social security?
A:  Uruguay

In 1909, who was the first woman to get a Nobel Prize for Literature?
A: Selma Lagerlof of Sweden

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