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World Trivia Questions For Seniors with Answers

What was an official language in 87 nations and territories, by 1994?
A: English.

What's the third-largest continent in square miles?
A: North America.

What is the capital of Kuwait?
A: Kuwait City.

What town name did residents of a Florida retirement community switch to because they found Sunset Depressing?
A: Sunrise.

What's the second most populous continent?
A: Europe.

What finally went out of fashion in ancient Rome, prompting people to begin wearing short pants called feminalia?
A: The Toga.

What southwestern U.S. state has the highest percentage of non-English speakers?
A: New Mexico.


What M-word did Texas citizens choose as a town name that would "attract" folks?
A: Magnet.

What state leads the U.S. with 15 tons of solid waste per citizen each year?
A: California.

Which is further from the equator, Tasmania, Tanzania, or Transylvania?
A: Transylvania.

What eastern town is home for a service academy and the U.S. Silver Depository?
A: West Point.

What's the University of Paris more commonly called?
A: The Sorbonne.

What two French cities are connected by the planet's fastest passenger train?
A: Paris and Lyons.

What religion has the most adherents, Buddhism, Christianity or Islam?
A: Christianity.


What U.S. state boasts a town called Captain Cook?
A: Hawaii.

What's the Greek name for Hell?
A: Hades.

What European country does Aruba maintain the strongest ties to?
A: The Netherlands.

What do the Chinese call kwai-tsze, or "quick little fellows"?
A: Chopsticks.

What European country uses its Latin name, Helvetia, on its stamps?
A: Switzerland.

What British university boasts and endowment called the Jackie Mason Lectureship in Contemporary Judaism?
A: Oxford.

What country did Greek historian Herodotus dub "the gift of the Nile"?
A: Egypt.


What country is only bordered by Spain?
A: Portugal.

What's the flattest U.S. state?
A: Florida.

What U.S. state, after much debate, made the bizcochito the official state cookie?
A: New Mexico.

What Australian city boasts the largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece?
A: Melbourne.

What U.S. state boasts the towns of Gulf Stream, Lakebreeze and Frostproof?
A: Florida.

What country has bee the planet's largest aid donor since 1991?
A: Japan.

What island nation is a must for anyone wishing to see 40 species of lemours?
A: Madagascar.


What country is almost twice as large as either the U.S. or China?
A: Russia.

What South Asian city is the planet's biggest feature film producer?
A: Bombay.

How many Great Lakes do not border Michigan?
A: One.

What cowboy tune is the official song of Kansas?
A: Home on the Range.

What continent boasts the most telephone lines?
A: Europe.

What do Texas beef partisans call "wool on a stick"?
A: Lamb.

What South American country was home to the early human 'Patagnian giants"?
A: Argentina.


What Western Hemisphere people spoke Nahuatl?
A: The Aztecs.

What New Orleans soup has a name derived from the Bantu word for okra?
A: Gumbo.

What Pacific atoll got its name from its location between the Americas and Asia?
A: The Midway Islands.

What state volunteered to drop the moniker Hog and Hominy State?
A: Tennessee.

What regional accent did Americans deem sexiest, most liked and most recognizable?
A: Southern.

What interstate highway connects Boston and Seattle?
A: I-90.




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