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Gone With The Wind Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Gone With The Wind Classic Movie Trivia Quiz With Answers


Gone With The Wind Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

On the eve of the American Civil War in 1861, Scarlett O'Hara lives at Tara, her family's what?
A: Cotton plantation in Georgia.

Who does she live with?
A: With her parents and two sisters.

Scarlett learns that Ashley Wilkes, whom she secretly loves, is getting married to whom?
A: His cousin, Melanie Hamilton.

The engagement is to be announced the next day at a what?
A: A barbecue at Ashley's home, the nearby plantation Twelve Oaks.

At the Twelve Oaks party, Scarlett notices that she is being admired by whom?
A: Rhett Butler.

What does Scarlett secretly confess to Ashley?
A: That she loves him.

What does Ashley do?
A: He rebuffs her by responding that he and the sweet Melanie are more compatible.


What interrupts the barbecue?
A: The declaration of war and the men rush to enlist.

What does Melanie's younger brother Charles do?
A: He proposes to Scarlet.

Scarlet does not love him but consents anyway and they are married before what?
A: Before he leaves to fight.

Scarlett is quickly widowed when Charles dies from what?
A: A bout of pneumonia and measles while serving in the Confederate Army.

Where does Scarlett's mother send her to cheer her up?
A: To the Hamilton home in Atlanta.

Scarlett, who should not attend a party while in deep mourning, attends what?
A: A charity bazaar in Atlanta with Melanie.

Rhett, now a blockade runner for the Confederacy, makes a what?
A: Surprise appearance.


The men are invited to offer bids for ladies to dance with them to raise money for what?
A: The confederate war effort.

Butler makes a very big bid for a dance with Scarlett and, to the disapproval of the guests, what does she do?
A: She dances with him.

While Ashley is visiting on Christmas furlough, what does Scarlett do?
A: She makes another unsuccessful appeal to Ashley.

They share a private and passionate what in the parlor on Christmas Day, just before he returns to war?
A: Kiss.

Eight months later, as the city is besieged by the Union Arm, what happens to Melanie?
A: She goes into premature and difficult labor.

She keeps her promise to Ashley to do what?
A: To take care of Melanie,

Scarlett calls upon who to bring her home to Tara with Melanie, Prissy, and the baby?
A: Rhett Butler.


Rhett shows up with a horse and wagon and takes them out through the burning city, but instead of accompanying her all the way to Tara, he sends her on her way with what?
A: A nearly dead horse, helplessly frail Melanie, her baby, and tearful Prissy.

Once home, Scarlett finds Twelve Oaks has been what?
A: Burned, ruined and deserted.

Scarlett learns that her mother has just died of what?
A: Typhoid fever and her father's mind has begun to fail.

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