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101 Dalmatians Trivia Quiz Questions

Trivia quiz with answers about the movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians


One Hundred One Dalmatians Trivia Quiz Questions

Roger Radcliffe, a song writer, lives in a bachelor flat in London, England along with his what?
A: His dog, a Dalmatian named Pongo.

Pongo, the Dalmatian, is bored with what?
A: Bachelor life.

What does Pongo decide to do?
A: He decides to find a wife for Roger and a mate for himself.

What does Pongo watch through the window?
A: Various female dog-human pairs.

Pongo eventually spots the perfect couple, a woman named Anita and her female what?
A: Dalmatian, Perdita.

What does Pongo do next with Roger?
A: He gets Roger out of the house and drags him through the park to arrange a meeting.

What does Pongo accidentally do?
A: He causes Roger and Anita to both fall into a pond.


What happens to the couple?
A:They fall in love and get married.

Perdita gives birth to how many puppies?

One almost dies, but Roger is able to revive it by rubbing it in a what?
A: A towel.

Who visits them that very same night?
A: Cruella De Vil, a wealthy and materialistic former schoolmate of Anita's.

What does Cruella offer to do?
A:  Buy the entire litter for a large sum of money.

Roger tells Cruella what?
A: That they are not for sale.

What does Cruella hire Jasper and Horace Badun to do?
A: To steal the Dalmatian puppies.


What do Colonel, an old sheepdog, along with his compatriots Captain, a gray horse, and Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat find?
A: The puppies in a place called Hell Hall.

Along with Roger's puppies, what else do they find?
A: Many more Dalmatian puppies that Cruella had bought from pet stores.

Tibbs learns they are going to be made into what?
A: Dog-skin fur coats.

Colonel quickly sends word back to who?
A:  Pongo and Perdita.

They immediately leave town to do what?
A: Retrieve their puppies.

What does Tibbs overhear Cruella telling the Baduns to do?
A: Kill and render the puppies that night.

Tibbs tries to rescue the puppies himself while the Baduns are doing what?
A: Watching television.


The Baduns finish their show and come for puppies before Tibbs can do what?
A: Get them out of the house.

Pongo and Perdita break into the house through a what?
A: Window.

While the dogs attack the two men, what do Colonel and Tibbs do?
A: Guide the puppies from the house.

After a happy reunion with their own puppies, Pongo and Perdita realize there are how many puppies all together?
A: 99.

Shocked at Cruella's plans, they decide to do what?
A: Adopt all of them, sure that Roger and Anita would want them.

They begin making their way back to London through what?
A:  Deep snow and hard frost.

They are helped along the way by who?
A: Other animals including a barnfull of cows who let the puppies suck their milk.


What are Cruella and the Baduns doing?
A: Chasing them.

What do they cover themselves with so they appear to be Labrador retrievers?
A: Soot.

Melting snow clears off the soot and what happens?
A: Cruella sees them.

In a rage, Cruella follows the van in her car and rams it, but the Baduns end up colliding with her and both vehicles do what?
A: Crash into a deep ravine.

Back in London, Roger and Anita are attempting to celebrate Christmas and his what?
A: His first big hit, a song about Cruella.

Suddenly, what do they hear?
A: Barking.


When the nanny opens the door, the house is filled with what?
A: Dalmatians.

After counting 84 extra puppies, they decide to use the money from the song to do what?
A: Purchase a big house in the country so they can keep all 101 Dalmatians.