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Easy Trivia for Kids - The Incredibles Trivia Questions With Answers

Easy kids trivia quiz questions with answers about The Incredibles.


Easy Trivia for Kids - The Incredibles Trivia Questions With Answers

In the Incredibles movie, what are "Supers"?
A: Humans with superpowers.

What has happened to the Supers?
A: They have been forced into civilian relocation programs.

This was because of lawsuits from peripheral damage caused by their what?
A: Crime fighting activities.

Fifteen years after relocation, Bob and Helen Parr, formerly Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, and their children Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack live as a what?
A: A suburban family.

Bob is unhappy with his suburban life and his white-collar job and longs for what?
A: The glory days.

Bob and his old friend Lucius Best, formerly Frozone, sometimes perform  what?
A: Vigilante work.

Who does not know about the vigilante work?
A: Helen.


One day, Bob loses his temper at his supervisor,  and he loses his what?
A: Job.

When Bob gets home, he finds a message from a woman named what?
A:  Mirage.

What does Mirage convince him to do?
A:  Become Mr. Incredible again.

What does Mirage give him?
A: A mission to destroy a malfunctioning robot called the Omnidroid.

Mr. Incredible lands on Nomanisan Island, and he does what?
A: He defeats the robot.

Bob discovers a tear in his suit, and he takes to for repair to whom?
A: Superhero costume designer Edna Mode.

Edna decides to make him and his whole family new what?
A: Suits.


Leaving for Nomanisan once again, Bob discovers that Mirage  is working for whom?
A: The super-villain Syndrome.

Bob sneaks into Syndrome's base and finds Syndrome's computer from which he learns that Syndrome did what?
A: Murdered countless retired superheroes.

Helen visits Edna, and finds out what?
A: What Bob has been up to.

Helen activates a what?
A: A homing beacon to find him.

The homing beacon causes Bob to be what?
A: Discovered and captured.

Helen heads for Nomanisan in a jet, but discovers what?
A: That Violet and Dash have stowed away wearing their own costumes.

Where did they leave Jack-Jack?
A: They left Jack-Jack in the care of a teenage babysitter.


Helen makes it to the base too, and discovers that Syndrome is going to do what?
A: Send the Omnidroid to Metroville in a rocket.

Mirage releases Bob and explains to him that his family is what?
A: Alive.

Dash and Violet use their powers to escape their captors and are joined by who?
A: Their parents, only to be captured by Syndrome.

What do the Parrs do with Mirage's help?
A: They escape and pursue Syndrome.

In Metroville, what does the Omnidroid do?
A: It knocks the remote that controls it out of Syndrome's grasp.

The Omnidroid knocks Syndrome out and rampages through the what?
A: City.

The Parrs and Lucius team up to fight the robot, and what does Bob do?
A: Bob destroys the Omnidroid.


When they get back home, they discover that Syndrome has who?
A:  Jack-Jack.

When Syndrome tries to escape to his jet, Jack-Jack's own morphing superpowers do what?
A: Distract Syndrome.

Helen rescues Jack-Jack, and Bob does what?
A: He kills Syndrome.

Three months later, what have the Parrs done?
A: They have readjusted to normal life.

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