Trivia Questions With Answers!

Computer Trivia Questions With Answers

Fun interesting computer trivia quiz questions about computers and computer science.


Computer Trivia Questions With Answers

The generic term for the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of a computer are called what?
A: Hardware.

Which computer language is an acronym of the name of the world's first computer programmer?

What letter is between Q and E on a computer keyboard?
A: W.

In computer lingo what is a MUD?
A: Multi User Computer Game.

What kind of fruit was used to name a computer in 1984?
A: Apple.

In what field of study are the terms CPU, PC, and VDU used?
A: Computer Science.

From what source did William Henry Gates III amass his fortune?
A: Computer software.


Charlie the pet dog was replace by what in the remake of the Absent-minded Professor called "Flubber" in 1997?
A: Weebo, the computer.

What did Charles Babbage invent when he designed his analytical engine in 1833?
A: Computer.

Movie maker George Lucas Filed a law suit against President Ronald Reagan to get him to stop referring to an outer space computer controlled defense system as what?
A: Star Wars.

What time doe the computer virus W32.MARIJUANA interrupt you to suggest taking a break?
A: 4:20 p.m.

Hal, the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, got its name how?
A: Take the letters IBM, and select the preceding letter for each one.

Pixar created a 1995 blockbuster hit move using computer animation. What was the title of the movie?
A: Toy Story.

Which computer company dropped the Play Station line and created an Aptiva brand computer for home users?
A: IBM corporation.


Red Hat and Yellow Dog are computer outfits that distributed an alternative computer operating system. What was the name of the system?
A: Linux.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation named its $250,000 computer designed to crack the U.S. government's outdated DES cryptographic code what?
A: Deep Crack.

What common element is used in the manufacture of computer chips?
A: Silicon.

On the birthday of a famous painter, every March 6th, what computer virus strikes?
A: Michelangelo.

The Dancing Baby computer generated 3D image danced it's way onto what TV show in 1998?
A: Ally McBeal.

What U.S. Democratic senator had the first internet home page?
A: Ted Kennedy.

Originally, ENIAC, the world's first "modern" computer was constructed to do what?
A: To compute ballistic trajectories for artillery shells.

The Los Angeles Police Department developed a computer program to help solve homicides. What was it called?
A: HITMAN, for Homicide Information Tracking Management Automation Network.


The first computer used for weather research was named what?
A: MANIAC - Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator and Computer.

The displays commonly found in notebook and laptop computers are called what?
A: Liquid Crystal Display.

After breaking into physicist Tsutomu Shimomura's computer on Christmas in 1994, what legendary hacker was taken down?
A: Kevin Mitnick.

What personal computer became a video production system with the addition of New Tek's Video Toaster?
A: Amiga.

Digital Equipment Corporation sued what computer chip manufacturer claiming it stole the technology to develop the Pentium Pro?
A: Intel Corporation.

What was the name of the computer language named after a French philosopher and mathematician?

What was the name of the computer company that was named after the founder's memories of a summer in an Orchard in Oregon?
A: Apple.

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