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Easy Bambi Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Bambi trivia questions about the Disney movie Bambi.


Easy Bambi Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

A doe gives birth to a fawn named what?
A:  Bambi.

Bambi will one day take over what position?
A: Great Prince of the Forest, a title currently held by Bambi's father, who guards the woodland creatures from the dangers of hunters.

The fawn is quickly makes friends with an eager, energetic what?
A: Rabbit named Thumper.

Bambi grows up very attached to his mother, with whom he does what?
A: Spends most of his time.

Bambi makes other friends, including a young skunk named Flower and a female fawn named what?
A: Faline.

Bambi is curious and inquisitive and his mother cautions him about what?
A: The dangers of life as a forest creature.

What happens to Bambi's mother during his first winter?
A: She is shot and killed by a hunter.


Taking pity on his abandoned son, the Great Prince does what?
A: Leads Bambi home.

Years later, Bambi is a young stag, and his childhood friends have also entered what?
A: Adulthood.

What does their friend Owl advise them?
A: That they will eventually fall in love.

Thumper and Flower soon both encounter their romantic counterparts and abandon their former what?
A: Thoughts on love.

Bambi himself encounters his friend Faline as a what?
A: A beautiful doe.

Their courtship is quickly interrupted and challenged by whom?
A: A belligerent older stag named Ronno.

Rono attempts to do what?
A: Force Faline away from Bambi.


Bambi defeats Ronno in battle, winning the rights to what?
A: To the doe's affections.

The smell of what wakes up Bambi?
A: The smell of smoke.

Who warns Bambi of a wildfire?
A: His father.

The two flee to safety, but Bambi becomes what?
A: Separated from Faline in the turmoil.

Bambi searches for her along the way and soon finds her what?
A: Cornered by vicious hunting dogs.

Bambi manages to do what?
A: Drive off the hunting dogs.

Bambi, his father, Faline, and the forest animals manage to do what?
A: Reach shelter on a riverbank.

The following spring, Faline gives birth to what?
A: Twins.

Bambi keeps a watchful eye  on his new family as what?
A: The new Great Prince of the Forest.

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