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Comic Strip Trivia Questions and Answers

Comic strip trivia quiz questions with answers about comic strip history and more!


Comic Strip Trivia Questions and Answers

Traditionally, throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, comic strips were published in what?
A: Newspapers.

They were published with horizontal strips printed in black-and-white in what?
A: Daily newspapers.

Sunday newspapers offered longer sequences and in special what?
A: Color comics sections.

There were how many different comic strips and daily cartoon panels in American newspapers alone each day for most of the 20th century?
A: More than 200.

In the late 1920s, comic strips expanded to feature what?
A: Adventure stories, as seen in Popeye, Buck Rogers, Tarzan, and others.

Soap-opera continuity strips such as Judge Parker and Mary Worth gained popularity in what decade?
A: The 40s.

Comic strips have appeared in what American magazines?
A: Liberty and Boys' Life and also on the front covers of magazines.


Storytelling using "what" has existed through history?
A: A sequence of pictures.

Where were some of the first satirical or humorous sequential narrative drawings were produced?
A: 19th-century Germany and in 18th-century England.

When did the first newspaper comic strips appear in North America?
A: In the late 19th century.

Who is considered the father of the modern comic strip?
A: The Swiss teacher, author and caricature artist Rodolphe Töpffer.

In 1865, the German painter, author and caricaturist Wilhelm Busch created what comic strip?
A:  Max and Moritz, about two trouble-making boys, which had a direct influence on the American comic strip.

German immigrant Rudolph Dirks, created what in 1897?
A: The Katzenjammer Kids.

Familiar comic-strip iconography such as stars for pain and speech balloons originated in whose comic strip?
A: Rudolph Dirks' strip.


Hugely popular, Katzenjammer Kids occasioned one of the first what?
A: Comic-strip copyright ownership suits in the history of the medium.

What did Dirks rename his version?
A:  Hans and Fritz (later, The Captain and the Kids).

The Little Bears (1893–96) was the first American comic with what?
A: Recurring characters.

Who was the first to include a color comic supplement?
A:  Chicago Inter-Ocean sometime in the latter half of 1892.

The New York Journal's first color Sunday comic pages were in what year?
A: 1897.

On January 31, 1912, Hearst introduced the nation's first what?
A: Full daily comic page in his New York Evening Journal.

Newspaper comic strips come in what two different types?
A: Daily strips and Sunday strips.


Most newspaper comic strips are what?
A: Syndicated; a syndicate hires people to write and draw a strip and then distributes it to many newspapers for a fee.

During the 1930s, the original art for a daily strip could be drawn as large as what?
A:  25 inches wide by six inches high.

The popularity and accessibility of strips meant they were often what?
A: Clipped and saved.

The daily Peanuts was a strip, and the daily Dennis the Menace is a what?
A: Single panel.

During World War II, why did the size of Sunday strips begin to shrink?
A: Because of paper shortages.

After the war, strips continued to get smaller and smaller because of what?
A: Increased paper and printing costs.

What was the last full-page comic strip?
A: The Prince Valiant strip for 11 April 1971.

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