Free 1940s Trivia Questions And Answers

Free trivia questions and answers about things that happened in the year 1940.


Free 1940s Trivia Questions And Answers - Trivia Quiz Questions From 1940

Luftwaffe General Hermann Göring assumes control of most what?
A: War industries in Germany.

Who takes command of all Soviet forces?
A: General Semyon Timoshenko.

Battle of Suomussalmi: In what battle is the Russian 44th Assault Division destroyed by Finnish forces?
A: .WWII,  Battle of Suomussalmi.

What begins in Great Britain?
A: Food rationing.

What British submarine is sunk?
A: HMS Starfish.

On January 26, Brisbane, Australia swelters through its what?
A: Hottest day ever, 43.2 degrees Celsius (109.76 Fahrenheit).

Soviet forces launch a major assault on Finnish troops occupying what?
A: The Karelian Isthmus.


Who is executed in the Soviet Union on charges of treason and espionage?
A: Vsevolod Meyerhold.

RKO releases what Walt Disney full-length animated film?
A: Pinocchio.

Tom and Jerry make their debut in what cartoon?
A: Puss Gets the Boot.

However it is not until 1941 that their "what" are adopted?
A: Current names.

The British destroyer HMS Cossack pursues the German tanker Altmark into the neutral waters of Jøssingfjord in southwestern Norway and does what?
A: Frees the 290 British seamen held aboard.

In Tibet, province of Ando, who is proclaimed the tulku (rebirth) of the fourteenth Dalai Lama?
A: 4-year-old Tenzin Gyatso.

What do Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discover?
A: Carbon-14.


Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African-American to win what?
A: A Academy Award.

What game show debuts on NBC Radio?
A: Truth or Consequences.

Cartoon character Elmer Fudd makes his debut in what animated short?
A:  Elmer's Candid Camera.

Ed Ricketts, John Steinbeck and six others leave Monterey, California for what?
A: The Sea of Cortez on a collecting expedition.

The Soviet Union and what country sign a peace treaty in Moscow ending the Winter War?
A: Finland.

Mae West & W.C. Fields join comedic forces for what movie?
A: My Little Chickadee.

Adolf Hitler meets with whom at Brenner Pass in the Alps and agree to form an alliance against France and the United Kingdom?
A: Benito Mussolini.


Who resigns as prime minister of France?
A: Édouard Daladier.

Who becomes the first African American to be depicted on a United States postage stamp?
A: Booker T. Washington.

Germany invades what two neutral countries in Operation Weserübung?
A: Denmark and Norway.

The German invasion of Denmark lasts for about how long before that country capitulates?
A: Six hours.

The Faroe Islands are occupied by British troops, following what?
A: The German invasion of Denmark.

This action is taken to avert a possible what?
A: German occupation of the islands.

What team wins the 1940 Stanley Cup Finals in ice hockey?
A: The New York Rangers.


How long will it be before their next win?
A: Another 54 years, in 1994.

The Cleveland Indians, behind Bob Feller's Opening Day no-hitter, defeat what team, 1-0?
A: The Chicago White Sox.

Take It or Leave It makes its debut on CBS Radio, with whom as host?
A:  Bob Hawk.

With the resignation of Neville Chamberlain, whom becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
A: Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill, in his first address as Prime Minister, tells the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, what?
A:  "I have nothing to offer you but blood, toil, tears, and sweat."

German armies open a 60-mile wide breach in the what?
A: Maginot Line at Sedan, France.

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and her government are evacuated to London using what for transportation?
A: The British destroyer HMS Hereward.


Where does the very first McDonald's restaurant open?
A: In San Bernardino, California.

What items made of nylon are first placed on sale across the United States?
A: Women's stockings.

How many pairs are bought on this day.?
A: Almost five million pairs.

Brussels falls to German forces and the Belgian government flees to where?
A: Ostend.

Who is named vice-premier of France?
A: Marshal Philippe Pétain.

Who replaces Maurice Gamelin as commander-in-chief of all French forces?
A: General Maxime Weygand.

First free flight of Igor Sikorsky's what?
A:  Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 helicopter.


King Leopold III of Belgium orders what?
A: The Belgian forces to cease fighting, ending the 18-day Battle of Belgium.

Leaders of the Belgian government on French territory declare what?
A: Leopold deposed.

What happens to Paris for the first time?
A: It's bombed by the Luftwaffe.

Italy does what?
A: It declares war on France and the United Kingdom.

Canada declares war on whom?
A: Italy.

A group of 728 Polish political prisoners from Tarnów become the first residents of what?
A: The Auschwitz concentration camp.

The Soviet Union occupies what two countries?
A: Estonia and Latvia.


British destroyer HMS Escort is torpedoed and sunk by what?
A: An Italian submarine.

The Democratic Party begins its national convention in Chicago, and nominates Franklin D. Roosevelt for an unprecedented what?
A: Third term as president.

What happens to Leon Trotsky?
A: He is attacked with an ice axe in his Mexico home by NKVD agent Ramón Mercader.

Nazi Germany begins to do what to London?
A: Rain bombs on London for 57 consecutive nights.

In Lascaux, France, 17,000-year-old cave paintings are discovered by whom?
A: A group of young Frenchmen hiking through Southern France.

The paintings depict animals and date to the what?
A: Stone Age.