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French Trivia Questions And Answers About France

Trivia quiz questions with answers about France and French things.


French Trivia Questions And Answers About France

To a French man an OVNI is a what?

To what country are the African and French marigolds native?
A: Mexico.

Six copies of what are stored under bell jars in Serves France?
A:  The Kilogram in platinum iridium.

The Boy Scouts of America and the old French Royal family have what in common?
A:  They share the symbol Fleur-de-lis.

The French were outraged at the sale of what counterfeit food delicacy?
A:  Truffles. 

The novel, " The French Lieutenants Woman", was written by who?
A:  John Fowles.

A Limousine was originally what?
A:  A French shepherds protective cloak.


The French Laurousse Gastronomique has 9 recipes for cooking what?
A:  Camels.

France named it Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir. What do the British call it?
A:  The Avengers.

L'Equipe is French daily newspaper devoted primarily to what?
A: Sports

The only French speaking republic in the Americas is which country?
A: Haiti.

Who was the first French women's designer to design for men?
A:  Pierre Cardin.

What word is spelled the same in English, French, Swedish, and German?
A:  Taxi.

What does the girls name Amy mean?
A:  Fit to be loved – from French.


They are called Mandoura in Greece ,Zampogna in Italy, and Corenmuse in  France but what are they called in English?
A:  Bagpipes.

The French call what "L' Herbe Royal"?
A:  Basil.

In Chess, it's called the Fool in French but what is it called in English?
A: Bishop.

In Chess it's called springer in German, knight in English, but what in French?
A:  Cavalier.

What French word literally means little skip?
A:  Cabriolet.

The Patron Saint of France is who?
A:  St Denis.