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Movie Actor Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun actors trivia quiz questions with answers.


Movie Actor Trivia Questions and Answers

What actor in the James Bond movies was knighted in 2003?
A: Roger Moore.

Who was the narrator for English language version of the movie March of the Penguins?
A: Morgan Freeman.

What infamous character has been portrayed in the movies by Anthony Hopkins, Brian Cox, and Gabriel Ullhiel?
A: Hannibal Lector.

What famous Hollywood actor was born in 1917, had the middle name of Charles Durman and died in 1997?
A: Robert Mitchum.

Who played her only major film role acting the role of Burt Lancaster's daughter in "Sweet Smell of Success"?
A: Susan Harrison.

Warren Beatty wore what color hat and coat in the movie Dick Tracy?
A: Yellow.

Marlon Brando plays a character named Terry Malloy in which movie?
A: On the Waterfront.


The role of Cornelius in the 1968 movie, The Planet Of the Apes, was played by who?
A: Roddy McDowall.

Which two actresses that have been  "Bond Girls" have won Oscars?
A: Halle Berry and Kim Basinger.

Which Sinatra film, made in 1962, was remade in 2004 staring Denzel Washington?
A: The Manchurian Candidate.

In The Perfect Storm, what was the name of George Clooney's boat?
A: The Andrea Gail.

Humphrey Bogart named his production company Santana after his what?
A: His boat.

How are John Cleese, Sean Connery, George Segal, and Kevin Costner connected?
A: All four have played the part of Robin Hood.

In The Lost Weekend, what is Ray Milland addicted to?
A: Alcohol.


In the Last Holiday, what country is the hotel in that Queen Latifah visits?
A: Czech Republic.

What did Brian try to kill himself with in the film The Breakfast Club?
A: Flare gun.

What actor was originally supposed to play the character Luke Skywalker in Star Wars?
A: Grant Goodeve.

 In eight films made between 1941 and 1952, who was Greer Garson's co-star?
A: Walter Pidgeon.

In the movie The Cannonball Run, who plays the Suburu driver?
A: Jackie Chan.

What actor played the part of the sailor accompanying Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra On the Town?
A: Jules Munshin.

What British comedian played the Punch and Judy Man?
A: Tony Hancock.

In Meet The Parents, what is the name given to Robert de Niro's cat?
A: Jinxie.

In Mister Roberts, what is the name of Henry Fonda's cargo ship?
A: USS Reluctant.

How specifically are 1981's Rich and Famous and 2008's The Women linked together?
A: Meg Ryan and Candice Bergen play daughter and mother in both movies.

In Along Came Polly, what type of animal is Jennifer Aniston's pet?
A: Ferret.

Anne Hathaway works for which magazine in The Devil Wears Prada?
A: Runway.

In Legally Blond, what kind of dog is Bruiser, Reese Witherspoon's dog?
A: Chihuahua.

At the beginning of Disclosure, what does Michael Douglas get on his tie?
A: Toothpaste.


Who were the 5 actresses that played the Bennet sisters in the 2005 movie, Pride and Prejudice?
A: Talulah Riley, Carey Mulligan, Kiera Knightley, Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone.

Jack Nicholson played Irish gang lord Frank Costello in the film The Departed, but who played the part in the 1991 movie Mobsters?
A: Costas Mandylor.

Walter Matthau played a baseball coach in what 1976 movie?
A: The Bad News Bears

In Aliens, what was Newt's real name?
A: Rebecca Jorden.

In the movie Jerry McGuire, Jerry's stepson's real name was what?
A: Ray.

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