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Halle Berry Trivia Questions And Answers

Halle Berry trivia quiz questions with the answers.


Halle Berry Trivia Questions And Answers

What was Halle Berry's birth name?
A: Maria Halle Berry.

On what date was Halle Berry born
A: August 14, 1966.

In what year did Berry win the Miss Ohio USA contest?
A: In 1986.

She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2002 for her performance in what movie?
A: Monster's Ball.

Who was she the 1986 Miss USA first runner-up to?
A:  Christy Fichtner of Texas.

As of 2014, Halle Berry is the only African-American woman to win an Oscar for a what?
A: Leading role.

Before becoming an actress Halle Berry entered several what?
A: Beauty contests.


Once, while living in New York, Berry ran out of money and had to live briefly where?
A: In a homeless shelter.

In what year did Halle Berry move to New York City to pursue acting?
A:  In 1989.

In what beauty contest did Halle Berry become 1st runner-up?
A: In the Miss USA Pageant.

While taping the TV show, Living Dolls, Halle Berry lapsed into a coma and was diagnosed with what?
A: Type 2 diabetes.

In what beauty pageant did Halle Berry come in at 6th place?
A: The Miss World Pageant in 1986.

In what movie was her breakthrough film role in 1992?
A: Boomerang.

Halle had a recurring role on what long-running primetime serial?
A: Knots Landing.


For which movie did she win the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress?
A: Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999)s.

After winning the Academy Award for Monsters Ball, Berry asked for a higher fee for what?
A:  Revlon advertisements.

In the movie Jungle Fever Halle played the part of who?
A: Vivian, a drug addict.

What is the name of her character in the X-Men film series?
A: Storm.

In what movie did she play Bond Girl Jinx?
A: Die Another Day (2002).

Halle Berry is divorced from what baseball player?
A:  David Justice.

Who did Berry portray in Race the Sun, based on a true story and shot in Australia?
A: Sandra Beecher.


Berry had her first co-starring role in what film?
A: Strictly Business.

From what musician is Berry divorced?
A: Eric Benét.

Berry was nominated for an Emmy for what ABC TV movie?
A: Their Eyes Were Watching God (2005).

Halle has a daughter by what model?
A:  Gabriel Aubry.

In 1992, Berry portrayed a career woman who falls for the lead character in what romantic comedy?
A:  Boomerang.

Which actor does Halle Berry have a son with?
A: Her current husband, actor Olivier Martinez.

At what age was Halle's name legally changed to Halle Maria Berry?
A: At the age of five.


In what movie did Halle Berry appear in her first  topless scene?
A: The film Swordfish.

Berry's parents selected her middle name from what surprising reference?
A: Halle's Department Store.

What was Berry's maternal grandmother's name?
A: Nellie Dicken.

Who did Berry star alongside in the 1997 comedy film B*A*P*S?
A: Natalie Deselle Reid.

What was Halle Berry's  maternal grandfather's name?
A: Earl Ellsworth Hawkins.

How old was  Berry when her parents divorced?
A:Four years old.

How much money did Halle Berry get for the title role in the movie Catwoman?
A: $12.5 million.


What is her older sister's name?
A: Heidi Berry-Henderson.

In 1998, Berry received praise for her role in what film?
A: Bulworth.

What was the name of the high school that Berry graduated from?
A: Bedford High School

Halle once worked in the children's department at what Department store?
A: Higbee's.

What was the name of the Community College that she studied at?
A:  Cuyahoga.

 In the 1985, what beauty contest did she win?
A:  Miss Teen All American.

In the Miss USA 1986 pageant interview competition, her interview was awarded the what?
A: Highest score by the judges.


 In the short-lived ABC television series Living Dolls, Berry played the part of what character?
A: Model Emily Franklin.

What was the name of the movie in which she made her film debut?
A: Spike Lee's Jungle Fever (1991).

What part did Berry play in the live-action Flintstones movie?
A:  "Sharon Stone", a sultry secretary who seduced Fred Flintstone.

Berry played a former drug addict struggling to regain custody of her son in what film?
A:  Losing Isaiah (1995).

In 1996, she was a Revlon spokeswoman for seven years and renewed her contract in what year?
 A: 2004.

In the movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, who did she portray?
A: The first black woman to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award.

She appeared as Leticia Musgrove, the troubled wife of an executed murderer in what 2001 feature film?
A:  Monster's Ball.

Berry starred in the psychological thriller Gothika opposite what famous actor?
A:  Robert Downey, Jr.

Halle voiced the character of Cappy in what animated feature?
A: Robots (2005).

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